Survey Open until April 28, 2017

For the last 20 years Sierra-Cedar has provided our industry with an in-depth HR Systems Survey and annual White Paper, and now we’d like to expand this service to the Finance and Supply Chain systems. As organizations begin to rethink their enterprise system strategies, the technology market for Finance and Supply Chain applications is rapidly evolving with a focus on business outcomes through automated, Cloud, and consumerized mobile environments.

Our research tracks the adoption, deployment approaches, and outcomes achieved from enterprise technology. We study the roadmaps organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding purchases, integrations, and practices associated with their various enterprise systems. We provide practical data on emerging and innovative technology trends and help organizations understand how they can capitalize on those trends to make better technology decisions and improve business outcomes.

The Annual Finance and Supply Chain Survey covers:

  • Strategy, process, and structure
  • Adoption of all Finance and Supply Chain Technology applications
  • Deployment roadmaps, resourcing, and budgeting
  • Emerging and innovative technology
  • Business outcomes
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Integration/Unification – the New Holy Grail

A primary reason for addressing the issues of integration is to provide data for decision making as organizations that do outperform others that don’t in terms of financial performance. Read on to see which vendors are best and for the proof of value from our latest CedarCrestone HR Systems survey respondents.

Sunday Musings on the 16th Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey Results

It’s a few days before a copy of the debut presentation that I give each year at the HR Technology Conference is due to the conference chairs...It’s also at that point that I get to every year when I’m thinking, “we’ve got all this great data and we can report on adoption of HR technologies and their value, but what does all this really mean?”

Bill Kutik Says...

I think I have made a huge mistake. Every year, we ask numerous…

Learning from the Best Global Organizations

New white paper released by CedarCrestone I’m always intrigued by the results we get from applying the lens of organization type to our survey respondents. Starting several years ago, we asked respondents with operations in multiple countries to also identify their organization type – Multinational, Global, International or Transnational. This typology recognizes that organizations are different in the focus of their strategy, their organization structure, where decisions are made, and whether processes are standardized or not, among other characteristics. We find the four types are different as well in their adoption level of HR technologies.

Financial Performance and HR Technology Adoption

“The Seven Practices of Top Performing Organizations: Highlights and Recommendations from CedarCrestone 2012–2013 HR Systems Survey Results.” Each year, once the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey closes, we identify the publicly traded survey respondents and collect their financial metrics. Just as Stephen Covey studied highly successful people, we look for highly successful organizations to understand their key practices. The result is the list and recommendations in this report. The differences between the top cohort of 50 organizations and others are striking and consistent. Top performing organizations—by definition—outperform financially. They also maximize the value of their HR technology investments and control costs.

Getting on the Fast Track in Indy

Speaking at the Alliance Executive Forum, Lexy Martin will present the annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey results,fne-tuned for higher education and government. She will be joined by Liz Dietz, CedarCrestone Vice President for Higher Education where they will facilitate roundtable discussions with session participants.

Stay Tuned for CedarCrestone Research on Organizations “Going Global”

CedarCrestone will be publishing results in February/March, 2013 from the latest survey from the global organizations – those that operate in multiple countries. We are exploring some key practices associated with efficiency and innovation and their outcomes.

15 Years of Success at the HR Technology Conference

A recap of the 15th HR Technology Conference including CedarCrestone's HR Systems Survey, Noami Bloom's master panel, Tom Koulopoulos's keynote address, etc.

15th Annual HR Systems Survey Goes Live Today

With over 1,200 respondents, the 15th Annual CedarCrestone HR…

HR Technology Conference – the BEST One Around!

Lexy Martin, author of the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey, will once again be unveiling the survey findings at the HR Technology Conference in October 2012 in Chicago, IL. She gives you a sneak peek at what she will be presenting along with sessions that you don't want to miss. She is also offering a discounted conference rate!

Head Count and FTE Survey Data Validation Lament

Validating responses for the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey is particular challenging in the Employee Counts section laments survey author, Lexy Martin, in her latest blog post.

Top Five Reasons to Participate in 15th Annual HR Systems Survey

The Top Five Reasons to Participate in the CedarCrestone 15th Annual HR Systems Survey. The survey is available at and open for participation until July 2nd.

The HR Systems Survey is Coming...

The 15th Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey will launch on May 23, 2012. This post outlines the new HR technologies being covered, reasons why you should participate, and how to participate.

Celebrating 15 Years of the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey

CedarCrestone is offering a special promotion celebrating the 15th anniversary of the HR Systems Survey. We also would like to know what YOU would like seen included in the survey.

Lessons Learned from Going Global: Two Organization Types Outperform!

The new white paper Lessons Learned from Going Global: Two Organization…

What Would Help YOU with Your HR Technology Decisions?

The CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey is entering its 15th year. In preparation, Alexia Martin, the survey author, wants to know your thoughts on proposed changes that may support your HR technology decisions better.

Organizations with a Variety of Talent Management Solutions Pay More for Their Business Intelligence/Workforce Analytics Due to Interface Complexities

We find that those organizations that take a best of breed talent management approach have 34% more interfaces that those with an ERP-based talent management solution built on the underlying HRMS platform.

HR Technology Conference and the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey Debut

We’ve just finished doing the analysis of survey responses…

Conducting a Survey for 14 Years is Hard – Please Help by Responding

For 14 years now, CedarCrestone (now Sierra-Cedar) has conducted…