Conducting a Survey for 14 Years is Hard – Please Help by Responding

For 14 years now, CedarCrestone (now Sierra-Cedar) has conducted an HR Systems Surveyon the state of HR technology adoption and the value organizations achieve from adoption and deployment approaches. Up until this year, we have achieved higher response numbers each and every year—starting with just 150 the first year and ending with close to 1,300 last year.  With just 13 days left until we close data collection on July 11th, 2011, we currently have just 950 responses.

Not bad in the scheme of technology surveys—certainly an adequate number from which to analyze HR technology adoption. After all, we really just need 381 responses or at most 384.

Where does THAT number come from? Well, last year—working with a very savvy researcher (unnamed to protect my source)—we determined that the total number of organizations worldwide is about 65 million, not including very small companies. Of these, 18 Million companies have more than 100 employees. There are, however, only about 40,000 companies that are well known in their industry or have a good brand image in their geographies who have a good technology budget. And, these are the potential number of companies that might buy HR software. We get this from consolidating data from OneSource, Hoovers, Zoom Information, Corporate Information, and country economic data from Wikipedia.

So, then we enter that 40,000 into a sample size calculator and find that we needed 381 responses for a confidence level of 95% and a confidence interval of 5. Even if we enter all 65 million organizations in this calculator, we need only 384 responses. So 950 responses is not bad.

In spite of this, I want more than last year. Yes, I know that you have been over surveyed. Yes, I know that our survey takes from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete all sections. Yes, I know that all you get in return is early access to results—for free—and a chance at a free benchmark of your organization’s technology usage against peers. But, please, if you are in an organization with at least 300 employees and you know about HR technology use at your organization, help a gal out and please respond to the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey, 14th Annual Edition.

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