HR Technology Conference and the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey Debut

We’ve just finished doing the analysis of survey responses for the 14th year. As always, thank you to the respondents who spend their valuable time answering 23 pages of questions with over 400 data points. It’s as much their labor of love as ours!

While Bill Kutik, the HR Technology Conference program chair, asks for our public debut at his conference, I just have to report some of the broad findings. Come to the conference to hear what they mean. This past year has been one of strong growth in adoption of the 40+ applications we track. In the debut, I’ll highlight where that growth has occurred and the reasons I think it is happening. The three year outlook is strong for continued growth, with the business intelligence/analytics category projected with the strongest growth, followed by social media tools, service delivery and talent management. Those latter two, of course, already have adoption at the average 50% level, so growth is slowing. The strong growth in BI/analytics applications is why Bill has scheduled sessions on analytics—it’s top of mind for many organizations (Bill also told me it was partly because our survey has focused so much on it the past few years). Five sessions are on analytics, including one titled How Big Blue Does HR Technology and Analytics and another by Row Henson, Oracle titled Predicting the Future with HCM Analytics.

Another set of findings for our survey this year is about how organizations deploy their HCM technologies. Yes, it’s all about SaaS this year and we now have enough respondents who have adopted a SaaS HRMS that we can show the value they are achieving in terms of headcount, user experience, time to innovation, and cost—but you have to attend my session to hear just what the value is. It is still not for everyone.

From our survey we focus on what’s the value from adopting HR technologies—what are the outcomes? We discuss the value of service delivery, workforce management, talent management, business intelligence/analytics, and this year we also looked at the relationship between technology adoption and process maturity—of course, inextricably linked. We will clearly show that process and technology maturity impact organization outcomes! And we back every statement with data.

I’m particularly excited about the Exhibit Hall at the HR Technology Conference. We will be there, of course, giving away some special treats, along with the largest list of HCM vendors I’ve ever seen at a conference—well over 200 vendors. And then there are the events: for me, some good times with my girlfriends (Brazen Hussies and the Chicas), a customer appreciation dinner, and other events that will feature great company and great food and drinks. Finally, there are the attendees: the largest number ever, up 40% from last year—and last year was crowded—I think there will be over 4,000 people all focused on HR technologies!

So please take the time to look at the agenda. Or download the PDF of the brochure, if you haven’t already gotten one in the mail. Then register by September 19th and enter the case sensitive SPK11 in the Promo Code field to save $550.00. I hope to see you there.

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