The HR Systems Survey is Coming…

I’m really excited to let you know we are getting ready to launch our 15th Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey. Fifteen years…yikes, that means I’m fifteen years older. But I’m still pretty excited as we have some great things going on. Look for an invitation after May 23rd or drop me a line with a request!! You may also provide your email address here, and you will be informed when the survey is live.

The survey is still a comprehensive research effort providing organizations with data to plan, justify, benchmark, and execute HR technologies. The survey questionnaire collects responses from HR and IT management and business leaders with knowledge of the HR technologies in use and planned. CedarCrestone (now Sierra-Cedar)  invites representatives from organizations with over 300 employees to participate. Responses will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate results. BUT – IT IS SHORTER! And Prior Respondents from 2011 can access their responses from last year! Very cool. I estimate it will take you just 20-30 minutes to complete.

So, the 15th Anniversary CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey continues to track the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved of 30+ HR technologies. It will add three new or recharged technologies of projected importance to HR: big data, collaborative knowledge sharing (aka electronic content management), and work management software.

My hypothesis for 2012 is that this year marks an inflexion point for three areas:

  1. The switch from more organizations doing upgrades of the core system of record to more doing replacements.
  2. A stronger-than-ever focus on integrated talent management as an equally key technology that further drives workforce contributions – talent management is positively correlated with great business outcomes!
  3. An increasing impact from all things social, mobile, and analytical. Yeah…everyone says this, but we can show it.

I have to giggle about the following: As a former New York Times reporter, Bill Kutik, technology columnist for Human Resource Executive for 23 years, has long been a fan because the survey answers his most burning industry questions. He says,

Doing a survey is easy. Doing a survey that the HR community trusts and lines up to learn the results takes an indefatigable Queen Bee like Lexy Martin, who for 15 years has sweated, wheedled, and cajoled to make the annual CedarCrestone survey the most authoritative in the country.

All respondents will receive an advance copy of the results in early October 2012. The first 100 respondents to complete all questions will receive a $5 Starbucks card. The 15th, 150th, and 1,015th respondents will receive a $100 Visa gift card in celebration of our 15th year. All who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for an in-depth benchmark service.

You will get an invitation and maybe multiple invitations. Try not to hate us. As Bill says, I wheedle a lot of organizations to distribute our survey invitation. But if for some reason you don’t receive an invitation, send me an email at or check our website for a direct link to the 15th – best ever!!

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