Top Five Reasons to Participate in 15th Annual HR Systems Survey

Almost 27 years ago, David Letterman broadcasted his first Top Ten List, “Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme with Peas.” Since then millions have tuned in to hear the list read. While I do not expect the same size audience, I have come up with my own list for my labor of love, “Top Five Reasons to Participate in the 15th Annual HR Systems Survey:”

5. The questionnaire covers questions on a complete HR Systems Application Portfolio – the more responses the better the data for you to use as a tool to get a sense of opportunity areas for your organization.

4. All respondents receive an advance copy of results prior to public debut at HR Technology Conference. (And, by the way, if you did not receive a discount for this conference, we can provide one for you. Leave a comment and I will let you know how.)

3.  204 opportunities for rewards – Starbuck cards and $100 Visa reward cards

2. A chance for a FREE benchmark of your organization against cohorts of your selection. While no cash value, this project is priced at a minimum of $15,000 and you get the opportunity to work with me and our strategy and analytics consulting team

1. Your contribution will help ensure the survey remains the most reliable, comprehensive, and useful survey on the full spectrum of enterprise HR technologies. You will not only get my undying gratitude on this 15th year endeavor, but your participation will strengthen the data collected

The survey is open for participation until July 2nd.


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