15th Annual HR Systems Survey Goes Live Today

With over 1,200 respondents, the 15th Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey is our best ever!

Key Findings
  • HR technologies spending outlook is positive.
  • SaaS is the clear direction for talent management and core system of record.
  • The benefits of a SaaS HRMS include up to 100% less technology staff, depending on employee size, from either HR or Information Technologies (IT) and a faster time to value from faster deployments that take about half the time along with improved user experience and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improving the user experience is not only the number one reason for moving to SaaS, it is also the reason most SaaS HRMS choices are highest rated on customer satisfaction.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-based HRMS solutions are holding their high levels of adoption with very small future degradation due to new SaaS solutions from major ERP vendors.
  • Survey respondents also report exceedingly strong plans for Workday, ensuring exceptional future growth of over 300% for next year for Workday.
  • Workday respondents gave it the highest user experience scores.
  • Service delivery automation delivers at least 15% in administrative savings when pervasive employee and manager self service and a move to shared services with an HR help desk application is adopted.
  • Adoption of the full suite of workforce management applications delivers administrative savings and cost reductions resulting in 33% higher operating income growth.
  • ITM continues as the direction linked to highest financial performance. An ITM on the same platform as the underlying HRMS yields the highest financial performance and lowest cost especially when it comes to expanding to BI of all solutions, with 50% lower BI costs.
  • Social and mobile-enablement of processes are increasing user adoption.
  • Nearly half of all recruiters use strategically focused, social-enabled recruiting processes.
  • Early adopters of social-enabled processes show a link to 8% higher revenue per employee.
  • Respondent organizations with BI that integrates workforce and other organizational data outperform by 12% over those without such integration.
  • Change management is the game-changing approach to ensure successful implementations and optimized value from all HR technologies.

We recommend the following practices and technologies adoption based on a deep analysis of Top Performing organizations:

  • Move to standardized processes and sophisticated change management practices
  • Deploy a SaaS HRMS or plan a move to a new SaaS HRMS
  • Avoid extensive customization of your HRMS
  • Enable higher user adoption of employee and manager self service AND shared services
  • Adopt Integrated Talent Management on your HRMS platform
  • Move to more sophisticated business intelligence and support managers with direct access to these tools
  • Adopt more HR technologies and expect to spend less on HR technology per employee with an integrated solution.

Visit our survey launch page to download the white paper and available presentations.

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