Stay Tuned for CedarCrestone Research on Organizations “Going Global”

Just a quick note to let our customers and HR technology followers know that we will be publishing results in February/March, 2013 from our latest survey from the global organizations – those that operate in multiple countries. We are exploring some key practices associated with efficiency and innovation and their outcomes. Beginning in 2009, we began to look at how four different global organization types are using HR technologies to determine lessons learned from the successes. This year, we have 343 global organizations that identified their type and provided responses on their application adoption and plans.

For this research, we use organization type* to characterize global organizations and provide a framework for analysis.

Characteristics of types:

  • Multinational – highly decentralized, with multiple, independent locations, united primarily through financial re­porting to corporate headquarters. Focused on flexibility and local re­sponsiveness.
  • Global – highly centralized/standard­ized with major decisions made at corporate and rolled out to local op­erations. Focused on centralization and efficiency.
  • International – moderately central­ized, leveraging competencies and sharing learning from both corporate and local operations. Focused on learning and sharing.
  • Transnational – combines aspects of all of the above, leveraging ef­ficiencies, maintaining flexibilities, and sharing learning and innovations worldwide. Focused on efficiency, flexibility, and learning.

With our approach to matching these organizations with publicly available financial information we are able to show correlations that indicate their success from HR technology usage. Plus we collect numerous metrics such as the size of HR and information technology staff as well as expenditures for HR technologies. From these we can show the relationships between technology adoption, staff impacts, and costs.

*The typology used is defined by Christopher Barlett and Sumantra Ghoshal, recognized as leading scholars on global strategy and organization design. Bartlett and Ghoshal’s framework addresses the challenges associated with developing strategies, designing organizational structures, and managing operations of global organizations. Bartlett, Christoper and Sumantra Ghoshal. Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution. Harvard Business School Press. We were first introduced to this typology through collaboration with Karen Beaman, Jeitosa Group International, when we co-authored: Leveraging HR Technology: From Global Savings to Transnational Value available

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