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Applying the Four Big HR Technology Trends and Other Lessons Learned from the 2012-2013 CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey 

I feel like an interloper, never having been to an Alliance Conference. But my respected colleague, Liz Dietz, asked me to come to the Alliance Executive Forum and present our annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey results, fine-tuned for higher education and government, and so I will.

I noticed that the keynote speaker is futurist Jane McGonigal, who like me, once worked at the Institute for the Future. What’s not to like about a conference whose keynote speaker uses “alternative reality games” to conduct research, build communities, connect with markets and solve real-world problems? Alliance sounds the place to be!

Me, I’m a bit more of a classic researcher and have managed the CedarCrestone survey for the past 15+ years – a survey that last year enticed 1,250 people to respond to about 600 data points with almost 10% from Higher Education and Public Sector! This long running survey on the state of adoption of HR technologies and value achieved, now in its 16th year is a comprehensive research effort providing organizations with the data they need to plan, justify, benchmark, and execute HR technologies. The survey questionnaire collects responses from HR and IT management and business leaders of organizations with over 300 employees, across a variety of industries including education and government. You might think the survey would be boring, but with almost 1,250 organizations responding, there might just be something in it for you!

What I plan to do in my executive session is to discuss what the survey data says about the following, but to do this as interactively as my audience will allow:

  • The four biggest HR trends and how higher education and public sector measure up
  • The role and value of service delivery, talent management, and workforce management
  • Five efficiency factors and five innovation factors
  • Predictions for 2013 and beyond including one key success criterion – change management
  • The seven practices of highly effective organizations

I will be joined by Liz Dietz, CedarCrestone’s former Vice President for Higher Education. We will facilitate roundtable discussions with session participants to get at:

  • Where your organization is at with HR technologies and the newest wave, where it is headed, and what value you are achieving. For this, we’re going to borrow some terms from global organizations that have different “organization types” that vary in terms of how centralized and standardized they are and how and where they make decisions. We’ll ask participants to match their organization to these four types to start our discussion. Do not despair if you think your organization is one that is not doing well. That report is from 2011 and things have changed! You may be surprised that your type is performing quite well!
  • How you are doing with the efficiency and innovation factors. What we’ve noticed in our 2012-2013 research is that there’s a particular type of organization that is both efficient AND innovative and we think some higher education institutions excel with efficiency and innovation too.

So, if you are game to interact, and listen to me talk about the four big trends, determine your organization type, and see how your organization stacks up, please come to this session!

See you there?

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