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New white paper released by CedarCrestone (now Sierra-Cedar)

I’m always intrigued by the results we get from applying the lens of organization type to our survey respondents. Starting several years ago, we asked respondents with operations in multiple countries to also identify their organization type – Multinational, Global, International or Transnational. This typology recognizes that organizations are different in the focus of their strategy, their organization structure, where decisions are made, and whether processes are standardized or not, among other characteristics. We find the four types are different as well in their adoption level of HR technologies.

With the research this year, we did something new, at the suggestion of Karen Beaman, Jeitosa Group International[1] who started us on our special review of global organizations. We now look at how the different types are doing on adoption of five efficiency factors and five innovation factors. The Transnationals are leaders, not only in adopting HR technologies but also in adopting more of both sets of factors. The Globals are leaders in adopting more of the efficiency factors and the Internationals are leaders in adopting innovation factors. The Multinationals — well —- they are beginning to adopt some of the efficiency factors.

As I said, the Transnationals are leading with the adoption of HR technologies, and they are different with their results. So, while we don’t suggest that the organization type can be changed, we do suggest that following the practices of the leaders might help all global organizations. We recommend that the set of efficiency and innovation factors are ones to adopt.  We invite you to read the latest white paper http://www.sierra-cedar.com/annual-survey/.

One key recommendation for organizations that may have employee service delivery issues, is to move to shared services if not done already. Then, the single-most helpful technology that we have seen for years contributing to lowering administrative costs is HR help desk technology. But take a look at the report for other ideas and for the results.

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