I have worked with many healthcare organizations that have decided to license Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) solution and are now facing the daunting task of implementation. Instead of embarking on your OBIEE journey blind, I suggest learning from those who have already gone through the process.  It will allow you to prepare a solid plan and avoid common mistakes. 

What to consider

  • Business User’s “expectation” that the Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product will meet all reporting needs
  • Not understanding the product gaps of key functionality & content
  • Mapping consideration of OBIA data elements to PeopleSoft sources
  • What are the values to be realized from COTS content
  • Expectation of your implementation partner
  • Are the implementation proposals realistic
  • How will your implementation partner provide knowledge transfer and adequately document (leave knowledge behind)
  • Not understanding the value of a Data Architect

Initial analysis of healthcare legacy reporting solutions to OBIEE/OBIA content can be quite large and extensive, e.g.,

  • Variance Reports – many reports typically present the same data in different ways and the data source of all reports is from disparate systems.
  • Operational Reports – typical reports present the same data in different ways. Data Source for Cash Receipts and Inventory Report

What to do

Setting specific and measurable OBIA objectives will lead to both a logical project goal(s) and a project (budget) end date, e.g.,

  • Replace existing Web reports with OBIA out-of-the-box analytics
  • Leverage OBIA content/data model to the extent possible
  • Extend OBIA content/data model, as needed, to satisfy operational reporting / transformation requirements
  • Develop actionable queries
  • Increase user adoption and operationalize Analytics
  • Gain increased visibility into operations by creating reports and dashboards that leverage data from Enterprise ERP (PeopleSoft)
  • Focus implementation strategy
    • Functional area sponsorship
    • Divide and Conquer
    • No big bang approach
    • Phase deployment
    • Multiple staggered releases
    • Cultivate
    • Tweak look and feel
    • Tune Performance

Interested in Learning More?

At the Healthcare Information User Group (HIUG) Interact 13, I will be co-presenting a session on this topic with Josephine Anderson, Senior Director for Corporate Systems at NYU Langone Medical Center, titled: An OBIA Story: NYU Langone Medical Center eFinance Transformation (Session Number: 13068) on Tuesday, June 11, 10:30 a.m.