Early Results of the 16th Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey

So, if I report survey results before the survey closes, will that sway remaining survey takers? Will my telling you where the current results for something like “vendor adoption” lie, be like publishing an exit poll and make remaining voters think they don’t have to vote? respond to the survey? Apparently exit polls may cause small declines in total voting when the polls predict a clear winner if the race had been considered close.

I bet Bill Kutik wants to know whether PeopleSoft is still the leading HRMS. Larry Ellison likely wants to know whether Fusion has finally hit our dashboard with at least 5% of respondents indicating they will move to Fusion. I bet Dave Duffield wants to know that Workday has, in fact, come on as strong as last year’s results predicted. And, whoever the leader now is at SAP, wants to know if there is movement towards Employee Central.

I think I won’t tell you because we still want you to respond to the survey by June 30th.  You will just have to wait until the results debut at the HR Technology Conference unless you respond and in that case you will receive the results earlier. But I will tell you an interesting finding. In the first week after we released the survey questionnaire, the first 200 or so respondents were mostly from IHRIM, with some prior respondents thrown in. At that point, interestingly, adoption of solutions from ALL vendors were up. Workday that had 3% of the survey respondents last year, with a projected 10% for this year, had come up dramatically. PeopleSoft that had 30% adoption last year, was up to 33%. But since then, the percentages have changed and with close to 1,000 responses, changed dramatically.

We strive to have every major vendor distribute our survey invitation to its customers and prospects. With that egalitarian approach, we believe we get a representation of the overall market. Well, this year, some of the major HRMS vendors have not distributed an invitation! Not Oracle, not SAP, not even Workday. But, never fear, by having all the major talent management vendors distribute the survey invitation, and casting our net for survey respondents ever more broadly, we end up with great results.

So, are you intrigued? Then cast your vote, because I’m not saying anything more!!

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