While PeopleTools 8.53 isn’t technically a new function of PeopleSoft 9.2, these new PeopleTools enable many of the new functions within all the PeopleSoft 9.2 applications and provide valuable enhancements to the PeopleSoft ERP Suite – more function, less maintenance – exactly what we’ve come to expect from a proven ERP. An ERP that has essentially reinvented itself several times – from a central system, to client server, to the internet and now mobile. Here’s a review of some very positive changes enabled by PeopleTools 8.53.

  • Overall, this is a big, big win – PeopleSoft Update Manager. Keeping any system fully patched and taking advantage of all the available new functionality is an intense job. Every software vendor makes changes and improvements to their software. Some tell you when you’ll take an upgrade – others let you decide. PeopleSoft has always supported letting you decide what time best meets your needs, and PeopleTools 8.53 takes letting you decide a giant leap forward by also allowing you to select what you want to update – only the applications you actually run, just the high severity patches, patches for your service requests or the entire maintenance bundle. Let me also note that if you select a patch, the Update Manager will also select the requisite fixes that need be applied with it (it knows the dependencies). The Update Manager is a time saver and simplifies the overall work associated with system maintenance. Here’s a short 10 minute video on the Update manager. It’s worth a view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90QsKGsTEWo 
  • The Interaction Hub (i.e., the portal) is another item that, to an extent, was available in an earlier release of PeopleTools (8.50), although many clients didn’t/don’t know about it until it is specifically pointed out. PeopleSoft now offers an extended restricted use license (RUL) of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub license free with PeopleTools. Capabilities include:techbox_rg-blogSeamless and unified navigation among your PS applications
    • Branding with a vibrant entrance to your PS applications (happy stakeholders)
    • Workspaces to support collaboration (see examples in call out)

So, two points, for those who access PeopleSoft without a portal – you have one, and its license free (through the new extended restricted use license).

The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is how most of us first saw a demo. Some of the features that I most value in the Interaction Hub include the integrated PS security and single sign-on, global search, simple access to self-service, and simplified navigation. Consider this: if this release of PeopleTools makes PeopleSoft more intuitive for your stakeholders and will immediately increase their satisfaction, shouldn’t you seriously look at a PeopleTools upgrade to gain stakeholder support?

  • Enabling the PeopleSoft Suite for Mobile is another big winner. However I wince a little with Oracle’s certification of Safari on the iPad (iOS 4.2), as it has the potential to change my working day to my “waking day”. Isn’t this the truth? For every nice new thing that comes around in life, there is a cost. However, I do like it, and find using an iPad very convenient to keep up with my work in PeopleSoft as an employee and as a manager.
  • What I’m waiting for now is for the next upgrade of Siri so I can delegate PeopleSoft work to her – today this may be a joke, but the day of that reality is not too far off. If you haven’t seen the iPad demo, click on the URL below. Whether you’re a frequent traveler who can use mobile, or a warehouse worker picking items, or a recruiter at a school or job fair, think how this can simplify your life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RauGtEBmnjA&feature=plcp

PeopleSoft 9.2 with PeopleTools 8.53 can make everyday tasks easier and faster. The system looks a bit different (in a good way – more intuitive), yet things feel familiar and comfortable. From day one, your users and support staff will applaud this release.
Next blog will be about Change Management and its value. Remember that additional information on 9.2 is available on our site – or ask your rep about what our clients are experiencing with their 9.2 upgrades.
Contact me at PS9.2@Sierra-Cedar.com if you have any comments or questions.