Healthcare Payroll PeopleSoft Best Practice Guide – Part Two of Two

The following Part Two of the Healthcare Payroll PeopleSoft Best Practice Guide reviews the PeopleSoft application features and functionality used in production to determine if these are being utilized optimally. Your review should compare the current production system features (including customizations) against delivered functionality. Read more

Healthcare Payroll PeopleSoft Best Practice Guide – Part One of Two

As many healthcare organizations have begun to focus on how to manage labor expenses (with a goal to reduce) without reducing headcount, I have been asked to share some Healthcare Payroll PeopleSoft Best Practices recommendations and suggestion for PeopleSoft optimization.

The following “Healthcare PeopleSoft Payroll Best Practices Guide” is one of two that offers strategies to establish consistent pay processes, provide predictable results and ensure that payroll process improvements are on the right path to world-class business performance. More importantly, Read more

PeopleSoft 9.2 – PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager (PUM)

PUM: for the uninitiated, this acronym might not create a great deal of excitement, but wait until you use it. PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) has been described as “the tool that breaks up a large upgrade into small, easy-to-apply updates.” One user describes PUM as “a search tool to find applicable patches.” Another says, “PUM simplifies maintenance”—and it really does!
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