PUM: for the uninitiated, this acronym might not create a great deal of excitement, but wait until you use it. PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) has been described as “the tool that breaks up a large upgrade into small, easy-to-apply updates.” One user describes PUM as “a search tool to find applicable patches.” Another says, “PUM simplifies maintenance”—and it really does!

Sierra-Cedar has several clients upgraded to PeopleSoft 9.2 with tools 8.53, so we have real-world examples of ways that PUM simplifies maintenance. Remember that PUM is only available when you are on PS 9.2 with tools 8.53 or above.
Let me start with an overview of the new upgrade process, which starts with a complete image of PeopleSoft, a cumulative image that includes everything and is updated as often as every 8–10 weeks. PUM simplifies the process of identifying and creating a tailored package for updating your PeopleSoft system with enhancements, bug fixes, and regulatory changes. Change Assistant then takes the tailored package from PUM and automates most of the remaining steps to update the system.
Before this change, it took a lot of time to figure out and then create a tailored update package. Now this process is automated, which eliminates many errors and omissions. When PUM creates the update package for you, it looks at your current environment compared to the most current PeopleSoft release, then creates an update package for all of your requested changes and any prerequisites in an efficient, consistent, and streamlined process. You can also apply every single change that was released.
For functional users of the system, Oracle is now releasing new functionality on an ongoing basis, versus saving up many enhancements for a new release. The value of keeping your system updated goes beyond just the patches; the new functionality can automate manual items, simplify processes, and provide real ROI to an organization. Here is one of the “hidden” benefits of keeping your system updated: when 9.3 is released in ~2016, it will be a low-impact event for your organization. Why? If your organization uses PUM on a regular basis and keeps PeopleSoft updated, then you will have a system that is both current with patches and also includes much of the new 9.3 functionality. This move to PeopleSoft 9.3 will be a process that is similar to the updates that you’ve been doing in 2014–2015, i.e. relatively painless, as compared to your previous big upgrades.
I used the terms updates and upgrades above. Upgrades are bigger, more complex, and more disruptive than updates. Updates are more frequent, smaller, and easier to deploy. Keeping your system updated for both patches—and now new functions—accelerates your benefits and greatly reduces the complexity of deploying a future release (upgrade).
Follow this link for the details of how PUM works and a comprehensive set of documents about the new update process, keeping your system patched, and accessing the new features in every new (frequent) PeopleSoft image.
Here’s a nice 10-minute video that provides additional details and information that this blog didn’t cover.
BTW, if you’ve used PUM, please send me a note. I’d like to hear about your first-hand experience.