17th Annual HR Systems Survey White Paper Goes Live Today

My fellow Sierra-Cedar colleagues are likely saying, “What’s the big deal about a 17-year-old survey just on HR Technology?” Since I’ve spent 25% of my life on it, for me, it’s a lot. For one, it’s my last—and more importantly, it’s the first for Stacey Harris who will take the Survey forward, hopefully for a long time. And it’s a doozie! Despite my advice to cut the Survey down, she insisted on adding new questions and re-arranging questions and changing wording for clarity. But in doing these things, at the end of the day, the changes are all really good.

What we are releasing today continues to track application adoption—now of 37 discrete and key HR technologies. It continues to look at the value from all this HR technology adoption in both traditional ways of showing metrics for those with the technologies vs. those without. It also reflects some new, very deep, and likely geeky statistical methods. Enough of our Survey followers are doing some substantive analytics themselves and they want hard-core statistical evidence of value. And Stacey will continue this work.

This is what excites me this year: that our methodology has led us to find a really interesting, new set of “Top Performers from which we can drive lessons learned from 1,063 unique organizations, employing close to 20 million workers.” Read the Survey White Paper to learn about the “Quantified Organization”—our new set of Top Performers—and see the playbook of advice we provide of what you should do this year.

Along the way, notice some really great new material on the value of having a continuously up-to-date HR Systems Strategy, an enterprise integration platform, and an enterprise Business Intelligence approach. Then, near and dear to my heart, see the value of Change Management.

And then congratulate Stacey Harris on her first Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey White Paper. She done good!

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