Evaluating the Cloud: Cloud World and HCM World

Cloud World and HCM World—have you heard of them? They’re not what you might first think; not OpenWorld and definitely not a mythical world up above. These are real-world conferences focused on all things “Cloud” and HCM. Top thought leaders discuss what they’ve seen; and better, what they see coming for services in the Cloud.

Sierra-Cedar has attended several Cloud World conferences in the past and found them very worthwhile. At HCM World this year, we will have a kiosk where we’ll discuss our HCM expertise, Cloud experience, and share our HR Technology Survey. The Survey is the source used by virtually everyone—and for good reason. Over 1,000 organizations have provided detailed HCM data. Come talk to us about what it reveals about the Cloud: who’s using the Cloud, for what applications, and what was their experience. The Survey provides an abundance of valuable insights, like which talent systems lead in customer adoption as seen in the table from the HR Technology Survey.

cloud hcm world table

If you are planning on attending HCM World, then you already know that it starts on Wednesday, March 25th and runs through Friday in beautiful Washington DC. I’m speculating that attendance is up, as hotels are full and airline seats are scarce. Those lucky enough to attend can expect to hear wide-ranging information about the Cloud, as well as very specific information about HCM. What’s the value to you?  It’s first-hand information on HCM technology, customer experiences, and demonstrations. The usability lab will be at the conference: this is an area where ideas (i.e., applications that are still in a conceptual application state) are looking for interaction with users to help hone the final application.

Sierra-Cedar has a large and growing following in the HCM area. We bring a group of HCM leaders to this conference because it offers an ideal opportunity to share and gather more knowledge about the Cloud, hear where you think the Cloud fits into your plans, and share where we see leading organizations going.  Our thought leaders will be happy to share their observations with you.

If you’re attending HCM World, be sure to stop by our booth—we’d love to hear your thoughts and share with you the value we’ve seen with HCM technology.

Remember to send me a note at Cloud@Sierra-Cedar.com with your comments and questions (or disagreements). I look forward to hearing from you as we continue to evaluate the Cloud.

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