Simplified Analytics, it's truly a must have

When organizations list the most important function for a system, it’s to collect and report data. This is, by far, the number one response. To me, the better the reporting, the better the system. Do you use this PeopleSoft feature, Simplified Analytics? You should. Obtaining actionable information that is easy to understand and in real-time is what you deserve in a modern system.
Simplified Analytics gets the right information to the right people when they need it—on any device. Are you using analytics now? If you’re on PeopleTools 8.55 or later, you absolutely must use Simplified Analytics. For those who are up to date and using PeopleTools 8.56, you can use the many delivered analytics. Examine how they’re constructed, then refine them to better fit your needs.
Simplified Analytics uses Fluid. They can be shared, put on a tile, they use real time data, and automatically include the security associated with your profile. (If you don’t have access to certain data in PeopleSoft, then you will not see it. Just what you’d expect.)
So stop what you’re doing and investigate Simplified Analytics! The ability to easily access real-time operational data will enable you to make better, more well-informed decisions. This is why you have a system: to gather data and improve operations by understanding what’s happening. Do you need trend analysis or a real-time snapshot? You’ve got that with Simplified Analytics. Do you prefer various colorful visual displays or a grid of numbers? You’ve got them both. You can access results using your phone while you’re changing planes or on a 4K display. If you want to see them first thing when you sign on your homepage, you can do that plus drill down to the nitty gritty details. Remember, Simplified Analytics uses PeopleSoft embedded security, so you never need to worry about data going to the wrong person.
So, what is the ROI? Developing analytics and deploying them throughout an organization isn’t free. Your return will depend on how you leverage your analytics. It’s easy to imagine that analytics used to perform customer analysis, supplier analysis, or to identify your top talent can provide an ROI of less than a year. I’ll also mention that those of us who live in Colorado like the greenness of this feature: no unnecessary paper. Now remind me again why you’re not using Simplified Analytics? If the decision to deploy or not deploy is yours, then I’d say it would be pretty safe to set this as an objective.
If you’re looking for “how-to” directions, there are many documents on how to get started. You can start by looking at the delivered Analytics. If you need more—perhaps some expertise on more sophisticated analytics—then look for a little advice/on-site training from a third party. You can quickly accelerate your entire deployment of sophisticated analytics that are designed just for your organization.
Wherever you are in deploying Simplified Analytics—from just thinking about deploying, to creating the game changers that will forever make a difference—get started, and get it done. It’s so “simple.” Check out these two videos for more information.
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