Sierra-Cedar, Inc. Offers PUM-as-a-Service to Help Clients Optimize PeopleSoft Application Investment

Sierra-Cedar, Inc., an independent North American IT services company, today announced the launch of PUM-as-a-Service, a response to the need for organizations to efficiently manage PeopleSoft updates.
“Sierra-Cedar believes that our PeopleSoft experience, combined with our proven approach in this service offering, will enable clients to leverage their PeopleSoft investment to its maximum potential and allow them to gain efficiencies and reduce costs as a result,” said Richard George, VP Strategic Services and Alliances. Sudhir Javangula, EVP and Country Head states, “We are excited to offer a service that provides clients with a comprehensive, flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective process to stay current with their PeopleSoft systems, allowing them to gain the benefits of new features with minimal impact on their organizations.”
Based on Sierra-Cedar’s extensive knowledge of PeopleSoft, PUM-as-a-Service will help organizations with PeopleSoft 9.2 apply PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) updates and add value to their business with proven methodologies, standard processes, and vast experience in the application and maintenance of PUM images. By engaging Sierra-Cedar for PUM-as-a-Service, organizations will free up time, money, and resources to address other areas of their business.
Recognizing that organizations may be at different stages with the adoption of PUM, Sierra-Cedar has created three tailored packages of PUM-as-a-Service to address various needs:

  • Stay Current: for organizations that want to stay current with the PUM releases throughout the year
  • Get Current: for organizations that want to get current once or twice a year
  • Stay Current Lite: for organizations that elect to stay up-to-date with the compliance, regulatory, and tax updates

To learn more, see PUM-as-a-Service or contact us for more information.