PUM Updates too costly? Try PUM-as-a-Service!

Sierra-Cedar released a new service for general availability a few weeks ago—“PUM-as-a-Service” (PUM-aaS). This service provides a very cost-effective process for organizations that want to keep their PeopleSoft system current with the new features/functions in each image but have constraints (e.g., expertise, resources, time). Sierra-Cedar has very experienced PeopleSoft staff dedicated to advising clients on each image and then providing services to apply the update, adjust any customizations, and run PTF scripts. The idea is to offload this important set of tasks to specialists who’ve gained efficiencies through years of experience.

Choices for PUM-as-a-Service (fixed-fee) range from quarterly updates, a once-a-year update, or just tax and regulatory updates. If you’re way behind on your updates, our team can catch your organization up, then through PUM-aaS, you can stay current as we offer a fixed-cost offering that matches your needs, your constraints, and your budget.

What’s included in the PUM-as-a-Service offering? Our baseline service provides the services required to apply PeopleSoft image(s) to your system. Customers receive consultation on the features, functions, and fixes which could benefit them and summaries of those that likely won’t affect their situation. The timing of the update and any complexities are discussed to minimize business disruptions. The PUM-aaS group provides advice on any PUM or Image bugs they’ve encountered—quite a time saver for clients.

Applying the new image starts with creating a custom “change package.” Sierra-Cedar creates the custom change package, then applies it to both the DEMO and DEV environments. Customizations are re-applied to DEV, then your custom change package is updated with any customization scripts. After all of this is completed and reviewed, the package can be applied to the TEST environment, followed by automated testing (PTF scripts) and manual testing. The update is completed with the image actually being applied to your PROD environment. The project is completed with a thorough briefing to inform you of the update changes. Note this process can be adjusted to best fit your specific needs.

Do you need more than just updating of your PeopleSoft system? Areas like new or modified Fluid pages, de-customizations, unique analytics, and help with deploying Mobile; all of these plus additional options can be included in your service package. For customers that are behind on their images, a one-time plan is created for the catch-up. Then an update schedule is created that works for you.

Which PeopleSoft areas do we support? Everything with PUM images.

Sierra-Cedar has a very large, experienced PeopleSoft consultancy that can provide advice or hands-on assistance to help execute all of your PeopleSoft “to-dos.”

Call or write to us today to learn more: PUMServices@Sierra-Cedar.com or 866.827.3786.

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