Machine Learning in the Oracle Analytics Cloud

Data Science Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Most analytics tools are only capable of reporting on past events and showing trends. While helpful, it’s not actionable. Historically, predictive analytics required the specialized skills of data scientists and advanced developers to discover patterns, trends, and correlations in raw data. Then came Machine Learning (ML). Once considered a “nice to have” due to its expense and lack of clear added value, ML is now available as an integral component of the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). It’s user and data friendly, as well as visually impactful—and you don’t have to be a data scientist to use it! As the barriers to realizing the benefits of ML have fallen, it’s time to revisit how ML can help you. Read more

The Cloud Understood (Part 5 – PeopleSoft in the Cloud)

Welcome to Part 5 of The Cloud Understood series. In this edition, I want to address questions and concerns from the clients of Sierra-Cedar. As you most likely already know, Sierra-Cedar is first and foremost a services company. We are built on the idea of and passion for solving the most challenging problems with innovative solutions and services. In the early years, these services centered around helping our clients to transition from mainframe and legacy back-office systems to dynamic new ERP applications, providing efficiencies and flexibility that had not been seen by the market in a generation. Sierra-Cedar worked with vendors who built these solutions and was an advocate for clients who were adopting the new technologies. Read more

Increase System Confidence and Lower Cost with PeopleSoft Test Framework 2.0

One of the significant benefits of PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is consistency. Once a test runs successfully, it will always run successfully until there is a configuration change. It is easy to change the data values to create different test cases for the same basic test; this creates great flexibility with minimum cost. Read more