The Sierra-Cedar 2019–2020 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 22nd Annual Edition is Now Available

The Sierra-Cedar 2019–2020 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 22nd Annual Edition makes its annual debut today at the HR Technology® Conference in Las Vegas. With this release, we share over two decades of HR Systems research and community development. Published since 1997, this is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry, annually tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from HR technologies. This year’s research represents 1,892 organizations with over 22.2 million employees and contingent workers located in over 70 different countries. This research is shared openly as a service to the industry to assist organizations with developing their HR systems strategy, devising a plan, justifying investments, and ultimately executing on their HR technology vision.

The 22nd Annual Edition White Paper provides access to Survey data on HR system trends for the coming year, as well as today’s vendor adoption statistics, forecasts, User Experience scores, comparative costs of major deployment approaches, and best practices of Outcome Focused organizations.

Key Data Points from the 22nd Annual Edition White Paper:

  • HR Needs to Own Its Value. Efforts to transform HR over the last six years have resulted in a 20% increase in respondents who view the HR functions as contributing strategic value, with Executives 25% more likely to view HR as strategic than HR Directors or Managers.
  • Measure What Matters for Better Outcomes. Eighty percent of organizations regularly report on Employee Turnover metrics, while less than 25% report on Performance, Learning, or Productivity.
  • Buyers Look for More Functionality. Over 50% of respondents feel their HRMS and Talent Management (TM) applications have functionality gaps, and TM applications continue to receive the lowest user experience ratings of all applications
  • Know Your Data and Assign Ownership. Employee data is captured on average in 3.2 non-HR sources, including wearables, Social media, Mobile devices, and Artificial Intelligence tools. Yet, only 12% of organizations have a strategy to manage the Employee Data Footprint. In all cloud technology environments, HRIT professionals are three times more likely to be responsible for data privacy and content security.
  • HR Can Achieve Repeatable Outcomes. Elevating the perception of HR and investing in specific approaches to HR Technology strategy, integration, and change management correlate to 15% year-over-year increases in overall HR, Talent, and Business outcomes.

This year’s Survey continued to explore ways to increase HR technology adoption, to assess the impact of data management practices, and to redefine the evolving role of the HRIT leader. “Within the next decade, it is likely that ~50% of organizations will have HR technology that is providing daily recommendations based on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence,” reflected Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research and Analytics, Sierra-Cedar. “For HR to be recognized as a strategic business unit, the focus must shift from process management to data governance, as the building blocks of Intelligent Platforms and the ethical standards needed to manage them are being developed for the future.”

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