Oracle Integration Cloud Bootcamp

Sierra-Cedar recently participated in Oracle’s hands-on multi-day bootcamp led by Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) specialists. The bootcamp focused on the OIC application, which brings together Application Integration, Process Automation, and Visual Builder. Oracle has developed its OIC offering as a cornerstone for future cloud initiatives and strategies.

As organizations transition to SaaS offerings in the cloud, integrating business processes between disparate applications becomes a critical factor for planning and implementing cloud solutions. Oracle has developed OIC to work with multiple SaaS applications, such as ERP Cloud and HCM Cloud, as well as on-premise applications. Oracle is further developing OIC to work with its Student Management Cloud and Student Financial Planning applications.

OIC enables users to automate business processes within single or multiple applications. Users can create forms, route forms for approvals, initiate business processes, and retrieve external files and data from API endpoints. For example, OIC can be configured to 1) retrieve a data file from a file server daily, 2) read each row of data, and 3) based on specifications and transformations, initiate delivered SaaS processes, and 4) send data to other SaaS or on-premise applications. OIC can be scheduled to identify data changes in external systems via APIs and initiate internal or external processes.

Users can leverage OIC’s Visual Builder to create pages that interact with users, capture information, perform business logic, and initiate SaaS or on-premise APIs. The newly created Visual Builder pages can be embedded within your SaaS application so that your users’ experience remain consistent. Visual Builder is aligned to be the go-to tool for extending Oracle’s SaaS applications.

Sierra-Cedar can assist your organization by incorporating OIC into implementations and enterprise-wide application strategy. We continue to stay at the forefront of Oracle’s new applications, features, and products. Oracle is heavily investing in OIC and other PaaS applications, and it is truly an exciting time for cloud technology!

Please contact Sierra-Cedar to learn more about how we can help you leverage the Oracle Integration Cloud.