Sierra-Cedar Partners with Scalr to Deploy and Manage Infrastructure on AWS

Sierra-Cedar, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, announced today that it has established a partnership with Scalr, a remote state and operations backend platform for TerraformTM. The partnership allows Sierra-Cedar to extend its FlexOps® service offering, which includes architecture design, implementation and management of automation, Terraform development, version control, infrastructure deployment, policy-as-code, and managed services. 

“Partnering with Scalr allowed us to re-allocate our investments to serve our clients more effectively and accelerate our clients’ adoption of cloud infrastructure at scale using everything-as-code concepts and Terraform,” said Timothy Gehrig, Sierra-Cedar EVP Cloud Managed Services. “Implementing everything-as-code to improve governance, guardrails, security, and cost optimization becomes the key priority for operational efficiency in the public cloud.”   

In October 2020, Scalr released a Terraform Automation and Collaboration (TACO) platform that enables hierarchical access control, policy-as-code for cost, automation, security and compliance, and remote state management across decentralized, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Sierra-Cedar adopted Scalr as a key tool in its FlexOps® service to enable GitOps at scale.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sierra-Cedar to provide customers with the confidence that they have the right foundations to realize the cost, speed, and security benefits of a GitOps model,” said Sebastian Stadil, Scalr CEO. 

About Sierra-Cedar
Sierra-Cedar is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, and reseller with AWS competency status in Migration, Education, and Oracle with APN Certification Distinction for achieving 100+ AWS Certifications. Sierra-Cedar specializes in helping education, public sector, and enterprise clients operate complex applications and infrastructure in the public cloud, at scale.  

About Scalr
The Scalr infrastructure as code platform is a remote state and operations backend for Terraform with access controls, policy as code, and many quality-of-life features. Startups and public companies alike have selected the Scalr platform, from Samsung to NASA to startups like Heartflow.