People vs. Projects

Right from our early days we have nurtured a culture of investing in People rather than in Projects. We observed that most of our associates had great ideas, but not everyone had the right mix of aptitude, imagination and willpower to execute those ideas. So we decided to provide our team members with incubators and the right guidance to help the young not only dream big but also realize their dreams. This initiative has worked wonders; it has helped us create tools and accelerators, which have cut down project execution time and also given us an edge over our competition. Moreover this has aided our employee satisfaction which is reflected in our low attrition rate.

Partner vs. Contractor

Clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we have always concentrated on building a strong rapport with our clientele. Through good times and bad, these solid relationships with our customer base have helped our business continue to flourish. The fact that our customers perceive us as their IT business transformation partners and not as contractors is a testimony to our high customer retention rates.

Success vs. Failure

It is conventional wisdom to scrutinize one’s failures. We are taught at a very young age that success hides behind failures and one has to analyze one’s failures, learn from failures and not repeat the mistake. But we don’t fail that often, so what do we do? Well, we examine our success with even more care. We measure and improve our process relentlessly and in the course we have reduced success to a science. Now we know of many more ways to succeed.

While there are a lot of memories and events to reminisce over the past 10 years, we believe that the strong foundation that has been built, has created an organization of repute that is poised for growth in the years to come. As we continue to explore newer opportunities and expand our horizons, we will continue to service our current clientele with the same zeal and commitment that we are best known for explore newer opportunities. We thank you for the support that you have provided over the years and hope to strengthen the partnership in the years to come.

We take pride in the “Same Company – Same People” concept and our India employees are an integral part of the global Sierra-Cedar family. Sierra-Cedar India employees are governed by the same Confidentiality agreements and Information Security policies as our parent organization.