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Big Bang Theory

Organizations upgrading their old systems are finding that software now comes in large integrated packages that often contain more features or functionality than they had before and perhaps don’t really need. Many are taking the “Big Bang” approach of implementing everything at once, but that can prove more costly.

When it comes to Documentation – Less is More

Too often, the biggest product of system projects is documentation.  Some believe the more paper a project team can produce the better. In this business, we document both old and new systems, old and new processes, write specifications, mappings, risk assessments and strategies.  We even create guides for document formatting (documents about documents). Having done IT […]

Project Dashboards

Back in the 1980’s a new management trend began with the advent of Executive Information Systems (EIS).  Having a central repository of data allowed vendors to develop some new tools with names like “Score Cards” or “Dashboards” and they promised management that with a single page or screen of information they could effectively run their […]

Turn on the Workflow Please

Many system projects start out with management saying, “I want workflow,” which is about as specific as someone going to a shoe store and saying, “I want some footwear.” Workflow is not a one size fits all solution that allows you to dance, run a marathon, or keep your feet warm on a cold morning. […]