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Integration Technologies: Finding the Right Fit

Integration technologies are now more important than ever, as Higher Education customers look at adopting SaaS applications and interact with a wider variety of data consumers. This includes old technology, new technology, leading edge technology, and industry-specific solutions. With these ever-expanding technology footprints, how do we find the right integration technology fit?

What is SMART AMS and Why is this New Approach Worth Considering?

First let’s talk about Application Management Services or “AMS” support and why it is becoming so important for organizations to include as a component of IT/Business strategy. There are three significant trends impacting the demand and nature of support services delivery. Legacy Applications: Three Generations to Support First, technology and functional groups today are being asked […]

Hosted ERP Solutions – The Cool Kid Once More

Traditional thinking would have you believe that a downturn in the economy would lead to an increase in interest for hosted and managed ERP solutions. While this may be true for some low hanging fruit and net new custom development that could take advantage of early cloud-based architectures, the expected systematic uptick did not develop.