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Turning your most valuable asset—data—into your greatest advantage.

Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis solutions continue to evolve as companies need to access information from new data sources, handle higher volumes of data, and present this information with speed and accuracy via an ever increasing number of delivery methods.  Our team of seasoned experts helps organizations stay in front of these changes to transform their BI strategies to optimize solutions to best support the business needs.

Our goals are to focus on the business reporting and analytical needs of the business, align with organization strategic objectives, share our industry experiences for designing solutions, and then help identify the optimal technology solution that best meets the client’s business needs, while taking into consideration the Client’s ability to maintain and grow with the solution in the future.  Solutions must increase a company’s efficiency at converting raw data into useful information in a timely manner, and disseminating it to the required audience.  Sierra-Cedar’s BI services offerings assist our clients through all phases of an enterprise implementation:

  • Business Intelligence Roadmap
  • Strategic Scorecard Performance Management
  • Master data strategies
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Design and Implementation
  • Business Intelligence Metadata Design, Reporting and Analytics
  • Training Services for both business users and technical support teams
  • Hosting and Post Implementation Support Models