Our DevOps Consulting team has navigated every step of cloud transformation to achieve efficiencies in our own business. Leveraging that experience, we created a customized approach to help our clients attain business results.


Architecture Design

Organizations are turning to the cloud for its scalability, efficiency, and security. As you design your cloud workloads, you are creating an infrastructure and a business model for scale, resilience, and agility. Your cloud architecture design is the strategic foundation that must meet the unique needs of workloads, users, and operational costs.

Automation Services

Whether your cloud migration is just beginning, or you have multiple production workloads in one or more Cloud Service Providers, efficient and effective automation is critical to enable governance and compliance as you scale infrastructure size and/or delivery speed. Take control of your cloud from the ground up.

Cost Optimization

Cloud provides IT staff the tools necessary to build applications quickly by leveraging an array of services offered by cloud providers. This flexibility can come at a cost when public cloud cost overruns impact your budget. Sierra-Cedar can help you assess ways to reduce spending and maximize your cloud investments’ value.


The cloud migration service identifies further opportunities where your organization can adopt public cloud infrastructure and services to solve business goals. Our migration methodology helps minimize the cost while simplifying the process of cloud migration, thus allowing you to realize the benefits of modern innovations.

Security Guidance

Cloud security threats continue to evolve and become increasingly more complex. Our Cloud Solution Architects will work with you and your team to improve your organization’s cloud security posture. We will provide a plan leveraging cloud-native services, well-architected AWS design principles, and automation.

Disaster Recovery

Establish your business’ application resilience with our Disaster Recovery services. Designed for rapid response, our services help protect your critical applications and operations against unforeseen disruptions. We design, deploy, and manage disaster recovery and backup services to AWS from on-premises and other clouds.

What is DevOps?

Sierra-Cedar began adopting cloud infrastructure in 2015 to host complex, large scale applications for our managed services clients. We started this journey  with a blank slate and the intent to build something new, scalable, and transformational for our clients, employees, and company.

Blog: Multi-Account AWS Environment

If your organization is setting up a multi-account AWS environment, your first step is to design and configure your base environment. As part of that process, you will face many decisions about what tools and services will enable you to establish the foundation for how you will manage and govern your environment moving forward. Find out more about managing this process and the services AWS offers. 

FlexOps Services

FlexOps is a flexible ecosystem of services and skilled talent, designed to maximize the value of AWS in your organization. With years of experience, our certified architects, developers, and engineers provide the skills, vision, and talent to modernize your cloud experience. Sierra-Cedar’s FlexOps service helps your organization navigate the complex journey to cloud mastery.

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