Sierra-Cedar has been serving a growing base of over 100 clients with highly efficient and economical cloud-based, hosting, and managed services solutions on a “24/7” basis that support ERP, business intelligence, integration, and custom developed solutions from Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, MuleSoft, and IBM. We are headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and utilize two geographically dispersed data centers to provide these services to clients. Employees are physically located within the U.S. and India.

We have unsurpassed hosting experience, scaling from meeting the needs of small customers to the largest, most complex PeopleSoft and Oracle system environments. Our largest hosted PeopleSoft environments serve organizations with over 50,000 employees, 450,000 students and 12,500 concurrent users.

  • Application Hosting
  • Co-Lo Hosting
  • Application Management Services (AMS)
  • SMART Methodology™
  • Metrics/Monitoring
  • Oracle Application Upgrade Lab
  • Governance
  • Transition Management
  • Maturity Health Assessments
Application Hosting Continuum


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our SLA is regarded as one of the most comprehensive in the industry and is backed by a unique “port-back guarantee.”

SLA Guarantee SLA Metrics And Penalties
Port-Back Guarantee If we fail to perform to the terms of your contract, we will port your systems back to the location of your choosing. The port-back costs are paid by Sierra-Cedar.
System Availability Your systems availability will be 99.8% or higher. If lower than 99.5%, then your next month’s hosting fee is free.
Security If a security breach occurs due to Sierra-Cedar failure to follow published procedures and best practices, then your next month’s hosting fee is free.
Disaster Recovery If Production operations are not recovered and restored within 2 hours, then your next month’s hosting fee is free.**
Performance We will commit to setting system performance goals, and then ensure online transaction processing (OLTP) performance remains within defined benchmark levels throughout the course of the agreement. With penalties of 2% for each percentage point below 98%.
Issue Response Time We respond to any issue or trouble ticket in 15 minutes or less. If we don’t, then you receive increasing percentage credits.
Issue Resolution Time We will resolve tickets and issues within 4 hours for high priority Production issues. If we don’t, then you receive increasing percentage credits.

Sierra-Cedar’s upgrade lab services have been outstanding. We could not have asked for better service. The college’s Student Administration/Human Resources System was not at the required patch-level to use the PeopleSoft delivered upgrade scripts. In June 2004, Sierra-Cedar’s technical consultants bridged the upgrade script gap and applied a Web customization that enabled the college to upgrade its system to version 8. Since then Palomar College has contracted with Sierra-Cedar for lab services to upgrade its Financials system to 8.9 in 2006 and the Student Administration/Human Resources System to 9.0 in June 2008.

Don SullinsChief Information OfficerPalomar College

Sierra-Cedar’s experience with rapid implementations and process-centric methodology and their experienced higher education consultants and proven software hosting capabilities were critical to our success. Our strategic partnership allowed us to complete our technology transformation far ahead of schedule and for a fraction of the projected cost. This partnership will extend into the future as Sierra-Cedar manages our new production systems and keeps us current with information technology, defining ERP the ASU Way and allowing us to focus on fulfilling the vision of an outstanding education for students of the New American University.

Dr. Adrian SannierChief Technology OfficerArizona State University