Sierra-Cedar’s team of integration consultants within the Integration & Cloud Solutions practice take advantage of the MuleSoft integration offerings to deliver robust, scalable, secure, and reliable integration solutions.

Many of our clients are introducing SaaS applications into their business and are looking to our ICS team to help them with integration among their Cloud and on-premise systems.  With product offerings in the Cloud (via CloudHub) and on premise (Mule ESB on premise), MuleSoft can satisfy integration needs with any combination of Cloud and on-premise applications.

Adhering to integration best practices and design patterns is critical in the overall success of an integration strategy.   We pull from its extensive background in Java-based integration technology to architect and develop large and small scale integration solutions using MuleSoft.  Because of the subscription-based licensing approach under MuleSoft, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of this product as well as Sierra-Cedar’s integration expertise and leadership.  MuleSoft is also a favorite of organizations that favor open source technology while also leveraging some of the MuleSoft Connectors that speed up implementations and are supported products under MuleSoft’s exceptional customer support.

One unique aspect of the MuleSoft offering is the ability to implement Mule ESB in either the Cloud or on premise.  In fact, there are times that an organization may start with CloudHub because of the low startup costs and hardware needs and then move that solution on premise at a later date without having to rewrite everything in another integration tool.  Many organizations even have requirements that justify both on premise and Cloud-based service buses to split up specific integration needs to the option best suited for each requirement.  This flexibility gives us many options when implementing an integration strategy and setting up a roadmap for a customer.