Sierra-Cedar is the leader in delivering PeopleSoft services and solutions. The combination of our highly skilled consultants, our innovative solutions, and our comprehensive set of consulting and managed services can be tailored to fit your project scope and achieve success. We have successfully delivered thousands of projects across the following areas:

  • Implementation
  • Upgrade
  • Extend/Add-on applications
  • Application Management Services
  • Hosting/Cloud offerings

Sierra-Cedar’s Blog Series (right), Video Series (below), and Webinar installations are all a part of our customer commitment to extend, support, and optimize your PeopleSoft applications.

Catholic University has a long, successful history working with Sierra-Cedar. Their knowledge of higher education, coupled with a superior expertise with PeopleSoft, makes them a logical choice for us when selecting consulting services. For our HCM/CS 9 upgrade, they provided not only a number of services that ensured a successful production cut-over but also positioned us to better utilize our new system capabilities in the future.

Jim GallamoDirector, Information Systems and ServicesThe Catholic University of America


Mathematical Optimization and Automation of Inventory Replenishment Policies

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To compete effectively today, a business needs to keep its inventory investment to a minimum and increase the velocity of its cash-to-cash (C2C) cycle, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience through improved service levels. To address this need, Sierra-Cedar has developed a methodology to analyze inventory data and provide updated replenishment order policies that are calibrated to the customer demand and constraints associated with each inventory business unit while minimizing your total inventory investment.

Introduction to AI Processes in the PeopleSoft Testing Framework

Software testing can be frustrating and time consuming, but running software updates without testing them in your own environment can have far-reaching implications on the business at large. Customers who use PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) to maintain their IT investment will be pleased to learn that Oracle provides (free) the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) tool to assist with testing tasks which include robotic process automation (RPA).

Planning a Successful IT Integration Roadmap after a Merger or Acquisition

Once the merger or acquisition deal is signed, the heavy work of successfully integrating IT systems begins. Without a plan, IT integration can be difficult, painful, and rejected by employees. Learn how we apply decades of experience to successful IT integrations for HCM and ERP environments. In this webinar, you will learn what to include in an integration, roadmap, how to avoid common IT integration pitfalls, and how to prepare your people and systems for change.

Minimizing Time and Effort in PeopleSoft Updates Using PTF

Having a Selective Adoption process is vital for organizations to keep PeopleSoft current. PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is one tool organizations should consider to reduce testing time and test errors during the process. Sierra-Cedar presents two case studies that outline lessons learned when implementing and using PTF for large ERP deployments in Higher Education and Financials Services.

Optimizing Your Investment with Selective Adoption and PUM as a Service

How do you go about deciding what new features to adopt and which customizations to retire? When is a good time to go about this? Will it be a huge project or could it all be arranged so it’s routine? The overall objective of updating PeopleSoft is to gain the most from your system—keeping it simple, effective, and efficient by minimizing your customizations while routinely adopting new features and functions.g and using PTF for large ERP deployments in Higher Education and Financials Services.

Navigating the Future of PeopleSoft

Sierra-Cedar, in partnership with Oracle, has developed a series of videos to provide you with a deeper understanding of Oracle PeopleSoft technologies, features, and enhancements. The six-part series features Oracle’s Marc Weintraub, Senior Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy, and Sierra-Cedar’s Richard George, Vice President of Strategic Services & Alliances. They discuss PeopleSoft key features and functionality, including Cloud Migration, Oracle Fluid UI, Selective Adoption,  Simplified Analytics, and much more.

The PeopleSoft Commitment: Realizing the Benefits of Ongoing Investments

With thousands of customers on the PeopleSoft platform wondering what to do next, especially as the move to the Cloud gathers momentum, Oracle highlights its continuous commitment to support PeopleSoft through 2027, and Sierra-Cedar weighs in on the crossroads clients are facing.

Migrating PeopleSoft to the Cloud: Transforming Your Business

Oracle has made a tremendous investment in the Cloud. In this session, we focus on the value of moving to the Cloud, including lowering operating costs and risks. We also address why Sierra-Cedar’s clients are moving to the Cloud, some of the benefits associated with the transition, and the importance of change management.

Fluid UI: Enhancing the Modern User Experience

With Fluid UI, application developers can build responsive user interfaces that run on a myriad of devices. In this session, we discuss the benefits of Fluid UI, including its simple, intuitive, and efficient navigation. Sierra-Cedar highlights the value of Fluid UI and how it’s being deployed by customers.

Selective Adoption: Optimizing Your Deployment

Selective Adoption gives you the flexibility to choose what changes you want and the timing of when to apply them so that changes are not disruptive to your business cycle. This session features the key benefits of Selective Adoption with the Update Manager, and best practices for implementing it in your organization.

PeopleSoft Roadmap: New Features and Functionality

Oracle’s roadmaps are based on its extensive experience implementing and upgrading Oracle Applications solutions and working with customers. This session focuses on how the PeopleSoft roadmap has evolved and how customers can provide input to shape the roadmap based on their requirements and business needs.

Simplified Analytics: The Power of the End User

If you are responsible for data analysis in your organization, this session will provide you with an understanding of how Oracle PeopleSoft’s Simplified Analytics can enhance your decision support quickly. We also touch on how Sierra-Cedar has helped clients to optimize simplified analytics.

Marc Weintraub

Marc Weintraub

Senior Director, PeopleSoft Product Strategy

Marc Weintraub is Senior Director of Product Strategy and Development for PeopleSoft applications within Oracle’s product development organization. He is responsible for crafting and communicating the strategic direction and product value of current and future PeopleSoft solutions. This includes creating messaging, value propositions, and marketing content for the overall PeopleSoft product line.

Richard George

Richard George

Vice President, Stategic Services & Alliances

Richard George is the Vice President of Strategic Services & Alliances at Sierra-Cedar. His knowledge of both HR and Financial systems, accompanied with 25+ years of experience with systems integration, enables him to offer clients effective solutions. Supporting Sierra-Cedar’s annual HR and Finance Survey efforts, Richard authors and presents HCM and FMS subjects to national groups and in industry publications.