How Efficiently Are You Managing Your PeopleSoft Updates?

Optimize your PeopleSoft Application investment with PUM-as-a-Service

Starting with PeopleSoft 9.2 applications, Oracle has rolled out a new way to manage the improvements and changes for its applications using PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). With the introduction of PUM, major application upgrades associated with prior releases of the software aren’t necessary to take advantage of new features and enhancements. PeopleSoft bug fixes, patches, enhancements, new functional features, legislative and regulatory updates are released on a continual basis, at a pre-defined calendar schedule throughout the year. To take full advantage of PUM, your organization needs a partner that can provide comprehensive support and experience handling PUM. Introducing Sierra-Cedar’s PUM-as-a-Service.

PUM-as-a-Service was developed to help customers realize the benefits of their PeopleSoft investment, leveraging our years of experience and success on PeopleSoft projects. Recognizing that organizations may be at different stages with the adoption of PUM, Sierra-Cedar has created three tailored packages of PUM-as-a-Service to address various needs:

  • Stay Current: for organizations that want to stay current with the PUM releases throughout the year
  • Get Current: for organizations that want to get current once or twice a year
  • Stay Current Lite: for organizations that elect to stay up-to-date with the compliance, regulatory, and tax updates

PUM Table

Advantages of Sierra-Cedar’s PUM-as-a-Service

The seasoned team at Sierra-Cedar brings the skills needed to help organizations apply PUM updates and add value to their business with extensive knowledge, proven methodologies, standard processes, and vast experience in the application and maintenance of PUM images.

PUM Diagram

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