Continuous innovation, robust functionality, automation, mobile and engaging UX, and low-cost updates. Does PeopleSoft come to mind? Well, it should—PeopleSoft has quietly re-emerged as the “new” modern ERP platform. With this four-part webinar series, Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook, PeopleSoft customers have the opportunity to learn about the untapped potential within their existing ERP systems as they contemplate alternative paths for the future.

By providing insights for developing Winning Strategies, we address today’s most pressing PeopleSoft questions: What is the “New PeopleSoft Value Proposition”? How do we win with PeopleSoft in the Cloud? And how do optimal Integration approaches change in the new PeopleSoft world?

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The workshop will include a session on the state of the HCM market, emerging trends in HR systems strategies, and a snapshot benchmark of your HR system.

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Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook Webinar Series:

Winning Strategies for…

Achieving Your Enterprise Application Goals

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How do you analyze and optimize your enterprise application investment? Do you weigh options, risks, and business outcomes, then invest accordingly? When contemplating technology investments, you may be deciding whether to invest further in an on-premise model, convert to a Hybrid model, or transition to the Cloud.

Stacey Harris, VP of Research, reveals how companies are leveraging advances in on-premise applications to achieve improved TCO, innovation, and UX to close the gap with Cloud-based applications. She also presents strategies and trends to consider—from technology updates and options to managing costs and vendors—as you develop a winning strategy for achieving your enterprise application goals.

Realizing the New PeopleSoft Value Proposition

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In today’s Cloud-focused world, how does PeopleSoft remain a worldwide leader in enterprise application software? Here’s how: Oracle continues to invest in innovative and adaptive features that engage people, solve business challenges, and are designed to lower TCO. Top performing organizations that realize these PeopleSoft advancements benefit from user satisfaction and financial performance.

Richard George, VP of Strategic Services & Alliances, will first focus on how PeopleSoft continuously delivers a modern, mobile application that is responsive, agile, and offers many of today’s service delivery advancements at a reasonable cost. He’ll then reveal how leading organizations are capitalizing on this new PeopleSoft value proposition.

“PeopleSoft in the Cloud” Transformations

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Building on one of the aspects of the new PeopleSoft value proposition is a topic generating significant market attention: “PeopleSoft in the Cloud.” What is it and what does it mean to your organization?

Larry Horvath, Director, Enterprise & Cloud Technology, will explain how the shift from PeopleSoft as an on-premise application platform to one that is transitioned to Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and/or hybrid Cloud environments represents one of the fastest growing, most dynamic challenges for PeopleSoft clients today. This transformative transference is changing the way IT and Business departments operate to capitalize on continuous innovation, automation, mobile accessibility, and ever-changing UX.

Modern Integration in the New PeopleSoft World

THURSDAY, MAY 23rd  2:00–3:00 p.m. ET

How do optimal integration approaches change in the new PeopleSoft world? With continuous updates and a wide range of systems platforms—from on-premise to SaaS to hybrid environments—establishing an integration strategy as part of your enterprise blueprint plays a major role in the success or failure of application investments.

Mike Knecht, AVP, Integration & Cloud Solutions, will reveal how having a sound integration strategy is a differentiator that results in increased effectiveness—an assertion supported by respondents to our renowned Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey. Please join us to learn how an integration strategy can improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Celebrating Our Clients’ Success:

The PeopleSoft Innovator Awards

At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, these three Sierra-Cedar clients were announced as being among the newest “PeopleSoft Innovators.” Read more below about how these organizations used the latest capabilities highlighted in the PeopleSoft Playbook Webinar Series to drive measurable value for their organizations.

"Navy Federal Credit Union, in conjunction with their partner Sierra-Cedar, adopted Fluid Candidate Gateway, a Fluid dashboard, and a third-party analytics tool to provide insights into candidate behavior, enabling updates to the application process that yielded a direct increase in candidates completing applications."*

"Hackensack Meridian Health, in conjunction with their partners Sierra-Cedar, SpearMC and Appsian, consolidated HR activities from disparate systems onto PeopleSoft for all 33,000 team members, deployed Fluid HCM Employee and Manager Self Service, a two-factor authentication solution, and implemented Elasticsearch."*

"Domino’s used PeopleSoft Fluid to create a custom To Do List for employee self-service, including the capture of acknowledgments and electronic signatures, electronic reminders to team members, tracking of outstanding items, and more... They have been working closely with their partner, Sierra-Cedar, since 2015 to implement PeopleSoft value-added solutions and innovations such as these."*

A Winning Strategy:

Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Services

To learn more about Sierra-Cedar services that help our clients realize the new PeopleSoft value proposition, go to our PeopleSoft 9.2 page, click on the documents below, or contact us to have a conversation!

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Instant Replay:

“Navigating the Future of PeopleSoft” Webinar Series

This six-part series of videos was developed by Oracle and Sierra-Cedar to provide a deeper understanding of Oracle PeopleSoft technologies, features, and enhancements. Oracle’s Marc Weintraub, Senior Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy, and Sierra-Cedar’s Richard George, Vice President of Strategic Services & Alliances, discuss PeopleSoft key features and functionality, including Cloud Migration, Oracle Fluid UI, Selective Adoption, and Simplified Analytics.