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State of Kansas and Sierra-Cedar Recognized for
Innovation and Best Practices

Alpharetta, GA – October 12, 2017 – The National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) has recognized the State of Kansas for “Innovation in State Government for Cloud Hosting.” The State was also recently the recipient of the prestigious 2016 Payroll Prism Award for Overall Best Practices from the American Payroll Association (APA). Sierra-Cedar is very honored to have worked in partnership with the State of Kansas on the FOCUS Project, which is the innovation platform recognized by both awards.

The State of Kansas partnered with Sierra-Cedar to become the first statewide government to host both PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and Financials applications in a private managed cloud, leveraging economies of scale and utilizing a full spectrum of application management services. The purpose of the project was to promote the long-term stability, security, efficiency, maintenance, business continuity, and cost savings while deploying State resources to focus on innovative business practices instead of application administration.

Sierra-Cedar is proud to serve the State of Kansas as its strategic business partner. The State’s decision to have its administrative applications hosted and managed in our private cloud has been rightfully recognized by NASCA and APA as an innovative, progressive, and smart shift from “government as usual.” Sierra-Cedar looks forward to the future by continuing and enhancing service to the State, enabling it to reap the benefits of application hosting for years to come.

The success of the State of Kansas’ FOCUS Project can be attributed to a unified effort in the areas of process, management, and technology, which saved money, improved efficiency, and focused on continually meeting and exceeding the needs of their customers, making them the Overall Best Practices Prism Award recipient for 2016. The project was a truly collaborative effort. “When we identify an issue or opportunity … we get all of the brains in the rooms—the IT staff, developers, and functional leads from HR, payroll, and finance—and we talk through it,” said Nancy Ruoff, Manager of Statewide Payroll and Accounting. “Oftentimes, we identify a much more creative solution than any single one of us would have developed on our own.”

By setting their sights on achieving ongoing cost savings, improved processing and performance, and more timely application of system updates, the team assured that the project lived up to its name, “FOCUS: Focus on Customer, Upgrade, and Support.” Projected ongoing annual cost savings from transitioning to a hosted application model is $366,000 per year by eliminating in-house technical hardware and support costs and reduced external consulting costs. Additional cost savings achieved from previous projects and initiatives include electronic time reporting and workflow-enabled time approvals ($986,310 annually), 100% electronic payment policy ($230,000 annually), and the ability to manage more efficiently ($196,250 annually). The most important result, however, is reflected in the increased agility and ability of the State of Kansas business resources to respond to customer needs and focus on building core business value to internal and external customers.

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