Today’s Senior Executives are depending on their HR and IT leaders to provide answers to their top workforce challenges. These questions keep executives up at night, and yet only a third of respondents to the annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey stated that they had an updated enterprise HR systems strategy:

  • How can HR technology increase our organization’s competitive advantage?
  • Can we optimize our HR technology to efficiently manage our complex workforce?
  • Should we stay the course on our current HR Technology or explore Cloud alternatives?
  • Are we realizing the expected value from our current technology investment?
  • How can we improve our cost/benefits associated with HR technology?
  • If we increase employee engagement, can we transform our company brand?
  • How can we get actionable HR data in the hands of managers and leaders?

The first step for most organizations preparing to develop an HR systems strategy is conducting an internal analysis of the current state of their HR systems environment, along with an external analysis of how that compares to industry standards.

Why Benchmark?


How does it work?


How do you compare to your peers?


Sample Dashboards by Size

The following are sample dashboards that compare you to others of your size, to your industry, or to top performers of your size. The first dashboard shows all respondents by size only, from Very Large to Very Small and includes all top performers.In the dashboards, application adoption is evaluated as At Market, Leads, or Lags as follows:

  • Leads = 10%+ higher adoption level than the overall respondent (or size grouping) adoption
  • At market = within 10% higher or lower adoption
  • Lags = 10% or lower adoption level

All Sizes including Very Large and Very Small


Large with Top Four Industries
10,000+ employees


Medium with Top Four Industries
2,500–10,000 employees


Small with Top Four Industries
200–2,500 employees


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I was finding it increasingly difficult to communicate the significant progress we had made with our HR technology initiatives and make the case for upgrades or new solutions. Leveraging Sierra-Cedar’s in-depth data with Lexy Martin’s keen insight, I was able to lay out a clear picture for our HR and business executives. Comparing our portfolio against specific industry benchmarks and the Sierra-Cedar HCM Application Blueprint and dashboards gave a clear gap analysis. It gave my team the recognition for key successes internally and a fact-based case on where we needed to make strategic investment to stay competitive.

Leader of major global financial services US HR Technology group