Sierra-Cedar 2018–2019 Finance & Supply Chain Systems Survey White Paper, 1st Annual Edition

For the last 21 years, Sierra-Cedar has provided our industry with an in-depth HR Systems Survey and annual White Paper, and now we’ve expanded this service to the Finance and Supply Chain systems. As organizations begin to rethink their enterprise system strategies, the technology market for Finance and Supply Chain applications is rapidly evolving with a focus on business outcomes through automated, Cloud, and consumerized mobile environments.

Our research tracks the adoption, deployment approaches, and outcomes achieved from enterprise technology. We study the roadmaps organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding purchases, integrations, and practices associated with their various enterprise systems. We provide practical data on emerging and innovative technology trends and help organizations understand how they can capitalize on those trends to make better technology decisions and improve business outcomes.

The Annual Finance and Supply Chain Survey covers:

  • Strategy, process, and structure
  • Adoption of all Finance and Supply Chain Technology applications
  • Deployment roadmaps, resourcing, and budgeting
  • Emerging and innovative technology
  • Business outcomes