Sierra-Cedar’s consultants have been providing Integration guidance for years, and although each clients’s situation is unique when it comes to environment, goals, staff, and vendor relationships, integration needs typically fall into one of the following categories:

    • Just starting to consider an enterprise integration strategy and looking for options and assistance
    • Already have an integration platform but have not yet implemented it
    • Already implemented an integration platform but having trouble getting value from it
    • Already implemented an integration platform and looking to expand upon it

We have developed Integration Strategy content and workshops to help each one of these situations in an efficient manner.  Many competing “one-size-fits-all” integration strategy offerings will lead your team into discussions that will increase the duration and cost of the service and still not address your needs, but we always have a focus on the customer’s goals and how to deliver solutions and recommendations to get you where you need to go.

Getting value out of an enterprise integration is based on the right plan and execution of that plan.  A large portion of the execution falls under implementation, but creating a plan and establishing proper governance and standards are just as critical as implementation know-how.  Make sure to maximize your integration investments by doing things the right way and establishing a foundation and plan to meet your goals today and in the future.  We can help.

Sierra-Cedar’s Integration Strategy Offerings

Below is a description of our typical offerings.  We can tailor these workshops to the exact schedule needs of Clients.

Service Description
Integration Strategy – Starter Three days of on-site, guided discovery meetings with Client business and IT resources followed by a few days of remote preparation of the deliverable and final presentation of the deliverable.  Includes current and future state architecture recommendations, benefits of centralized integration at your organization, enablement of mobile and Cloud initiatives, identification of potential pilot projects, staff skills assessment, timeline, and next steps.
Integration Strategy – Intermediate A more in-depth version of the Integration Strategy – Starter offering that covers similar topics but includes more in-depth discovery and planning sessions with Client resources.
Integration Strategy – Advance This variation of the strategy offering is the most comprehensive and will include the creation of a Strategy and Roadmap document as well as an Integration Playbook that combine to provide an initial Reference Architecture for your organization.  It is typically best that an integration software selection has already been made so that software capabilities can be aligned with the deliverables.
Integration Strategy and Kickstart This offering combines Integration Strategy with an execution of many of the recommended first steps to get your organization going with enterprise integration.  This workshop assumes an integration software selection has already been made and Client resources have gone through basic product training.  In this service offering, the software will be configured, initial governance documents will be created, and a small pilot project will be designed and built following the design patterns and governance approach put in place.
Integration Health Check Depending on the size of your integration environment, this service offering may take more or less time to complete, and that would be established during the initial discussions so expectations are in line.  This offering will review your current architecture, policies and procedures, security and governance, and design patterns to identify areas for improvement or stabilization.  If there are known key pain points, those can be focused on during this engagement.  A set of recommendations will be delivered to help maximize the value of your integration investment.
Integration Training We offer hands-on training in some integration software packages.  This includes not just the tools to develop solutions, but the concepts that are critical to building the solutions correctly so your environment is scalable and manageable as you continue to grow.
Co-Presenting at Technology Conferences Looking to get your organization recognized for the achievements you’ve made in integration?  We are happy to co-present with you on any solutions created by your organization with our assistance.  We have significant experience in such presentations and can help guide you through the process so you can showcase what you have done while not revealing any trade secrets or competitive advantages you have established with the solution.