As a Splunk® Professional Services Partner, Sierra-Cedar is uniquely positioned to help your organization realize the Splunk mission of making machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. Our relationship with Splunk enables us to provide you with access to the latest training and resources at the exceptional level of service you expect. Our own internal security team extensively leverages Splunk Enterprise, along with the Splunk Enterprise Security premium solution, further demonstrating both our confidence and experience with Splunk. 502483628
About Splunk

Organizations rely on machine data generated by servers, networks, websites, applications, mobile devices, and sensors every day. Splunk turns this machine data into valuable insights by monitoring and analyzing everything from network activity and call records to customer clickstreams and transactions. This “operational intelligence” can help you make informed decisions by providing real-time assessments of what’s happening across your organization’s IT systems and technology infrastructure.


Our consultants go through Splunk’s extensive training process to attain their certified consultant credentials. These certifications, plus our vast field experience, allow us to offer targeted services, regardless of your organization’s position in the Splunk maturity model.


  • Enterprise Deployment Planning
    Deploy Splunk software successfully. Our experienced consultants will help you plan and architect large multi-site, enterprise-wide deployments.
  • Installation & Upgrade
    Leverage our experience. No matter how complex the architecture, whether single-server, multi-server, or multi-site clusters, we are ready to leverage our experience to help you install or upgrade your Splunk platform efficiently and effectively.
  • Data Onboarding
    Gain knowledge faster. Save time by having our consultants walk you through proven methods for onboarding new data into your Splunk environment.
  • Dashboard & App Development
    Realize business benefits. We work with you to build meaningful dashboards, alerts and reports to allow you to gain valuable insights into your business.
  • Use Case Expansion
    Maximize your investment. As the use of Splunk software matures within your organization, we help you to identify opportunities to leverage your Splunk platform to gain operational visibility and real time business insight.