Modern Integration in the New PeopleSoft World: An Overview for Business Users

Demands for robust connectivity and business system agility are greater than ever. We want the latest information available across all systems and devices at all times. The tolerance we once had for waiting on a nightly batch integration to update data across our systems is diminishing rapidly. Everything must be connected. And, by the way, those connections need to be secure, reliable, and scalable.

Being highly connected is already the norm on our personal devices and social media. You can tweet a message about the dinner you’re having or post a picture of your cat chasing a toy, and everyone in your network around the world can see it immediately on whatever device they happen to be using. So why is this level of connectivity not the norm in business applications? Can you imagine telling Facebook or Instagram users that they will only receive updates from their friends once or twice per day when a scheduled integration happens? No way. The bar (and the expectation) has been set on having information at your fingertips. Now the same expectation is happening for business applications. Read more