The Time to Review your Supply Change Management Solution is Now

“Never before has the business case for transformation in the healthcare supply chain been so persuasive…While the future is unclear, most agree that at least some things are certain. Healthcare costs must come down. Hospitals and other care providers will be reimbursed on value, not volume. And hospitals will need to survive on Medicare reimbursement levels.” Driving Transformation in the Healthcare Supply Chain: Change Can Be Good for Your Bottom Line, GHX 2012

Today’s health care Supply Chain Management (SCM) challenge require process improvement, rapid development and implementation timelines that will meet evolving governmental mandates and address today’s high-velocity as hospitals are under increasing pressure to keep supply costs down…despite the near constant business change.  Read more

Healthcare Human Capital Management (HCM) PeopleSoft Best Practice Guide

Sierra-Cedar's approach to process improvement for a healthcare client is to focused on “best practice” and what is required to take an health system from their current state to an optimized organization that fully utilizes the enabling technologies such as ERP software. We do this through assessment and validation of the healthcare entity’s requirements as the first crucial step. This approach is based on the premise that a healthcare entity’s needs cannot be fully serviced until a thorough understanding of the healthcare entity’s functional requirements is obtained. In addition to understanding requirements, the project team and the healthcare entity must establish a consensus understanding of deliverables, assumptions, and current (culture) environment. Read more

The Top Five Characteristics of a PMO with Staying Power

Project Management Offices (PMO’s) are most valuable when they are focused on addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the audience they serve – the organization’s project managers. I’ve witnessed the rise and fall and the rise and stay of many PMO’s. The ones that stay are those that function to serve the needs of their audience at all times. The audience’s needs continuously evolve, so the PMO should too. Read more

Healthcare Back-Office Best Practices to Hard ROI

With the recent focus on maintaining adequate healthcare coverage, the declining nurse workforce, and the need for cost containment, hospitals have been challenged, once again, to do more with less. So we are back to “best practices” and “business optimization” that is enabled by the leading technologies. Read more


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