Preparing Your Organization to Explore SaaS

In my last post, I wrote about the SaaS application delivery model and encouraged organizations to take a serious look at it as a new year’s resolution. I presented some descriptions of what many organizations would recognize as their current state of application systems and gave [...]

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Change Management Approach to Achieve Healthcare IT Adoption

Reform-driven “disruptions” or changes continue to impact healthcare’s transparency and cost-control efforts.  Both transparency and cost-control efforts support IT spending, smarter analytics, and expansion of products and service lines beyond traditional partnership models.  Both are also a catalyst for the consolidation of operations and initiatives to transform hospitals into [...]

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Invoice Matching/Payables Best Practices

We want you to provide a concise document, that tells us what the healthcare Best Practices are relative to invoice matching, we are not taking about software function, but rather Best Practices for business processes, regardless of whether the software supports them or not. (Hospital [...]

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