Evaluating the Cloud: Cloud World and HCM World

Cloud World and HCM World—have you heard of them? They’re not what you might first think; not OpenWorld and definitely not a mythical world up above. These are real-world conferences focused on all things “Cloud” and HCM. Top thought leaders discuss what they’ve seen; and better, what they see coming [...]

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Integration in the Cloud: Some Basics

The Cloud is great, isn’t it? It opens so many doors, removes some major barriers when it comes to organizations getting a system up and running quickly, and it… well… also poses some questions to those who are new to it. This blog post will deal with one very common [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: How Much is the Cloud?

As the holidays approach, most of us receive emails about shopping opportunities, special deals, and anything to encourage us to buy—and most focus on price. Those of us who enjoy a deal are often concerned about our personal budgets and also budgets in the professional realm. When considering any new [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: What is – Cloud?

Lately everyone I talk to asks me whether they should they migrate their on-premise system (Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP) to the Cloud, invest in their on-premise ERP, or do nothing. Before I answer this question, let’s explore what organizations are defining as the Cloud. […]

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Evaluating the Cloud: How does it Fit in Your Company BI Strategy?

Cloud computing is clearly one of the hottest technology trends. What started out as simple social media solutions (such as Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail) grew into departmental solutions (such as Customer Relationship Management) and then into full operational ERP system solutions. There’s an obvious appeal to hearing that you no [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: What is Driving User Adoption?

In the last blog, I said we would be looking at whether it’s better to upgrade your on-premise system or move to the Cloud/SaaS. I’m pushing that subject back a bit, in order to address some readers’ questions about one of the findings from our annual HR Systems Survey. (The [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: What is in the Cloud?

I expect many people have heard of the Chinese company Alibaba – which is actually a group of internet-based e-commerce businesses with sales greater than eBay and Amazon combined. Its September 2014 IPO, at $25 billion, was the largest in IPO history. With all the recent buzz about Alibaba, I [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: How Real is the Cloud

by Richard George This year the Cloud has officially become a major player in the IT world (maybe the major player). But what is it? And why do companies use Cloud technology? I recently conducted a non-scientific, but random survey of what people thought of when I said the word [...]

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Introducing the "Evaluating Cloud Solutions" Series

by Richard George Welcome to our newest blog and to the rarefied air of cloud technology. This an overview of a series about systems, applications, and more. Technology that is run in the Cloud instead of at your location (on premise). We’ll not limit the discussion to a single application [...]

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