Healthcare Cost Accounting Lessons Learned

Today’s pressure to reduce healthcare costs and the increased liability providers have is challenging how healthcare systems address cost accounting.  Due to the uniqueness of hospital operations, most healthcare organizations continue to struggle with identifying thecosts of products and services by responsibility segments, capturing the full cost of products and [...]

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Lessons Learned from EHR Business Intelligence Solutions

The latest Black Book  annual evaluation of leading healthcare and medical software and service providers across 18 operational excellence key performance indicators suggest electronic health record systems vendor are continuing to fall short of provider’s expectations leading 2013 to be the year of the great Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records [...]

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Healthcare Business Intelligence (HBI): Why an Enterprise Class solution when my EMR vendor delivers a BI Solution

There has been much discussion and much hype of late on healthcare organizations investing millions in growth for competitive strategies, e.g., optimum care delivery; developing a reliable financial baseline; employing rigorous business planning; and increasing market share. For today’s health care providers, however, the future is full of change and uncertainty. [...]

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A Business Case for SCM Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Most healthcare provider organizations require significant amounts of information on their financial operations and their clinical efficiency. Not all of these organizations, however, are realizing the full value of their investments in operational systems such as Supply Chain Management (SCM) which contain a wealth of untapped “intelligence.” As hospitals increasingly [...]

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Why Business Intelligence (BI) in Healthcare?

Hospital executives and clinicians often make decisions that are not evidence-based or data-driven.  In their quest to improve quality of care, efficiency and financial performance, they often times overlook critical data in the decision making process. Why is that a problem?  Because in hospitals, while time and effort is spent [...]

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Best Practice Healthcare Series: The Link between Supply Chain Management & Revenue

While the implementation of integrated Supply Chain Management solution will provide state-of-the-art capabilities to support critical cost saving efforts, we have found that implementing the solution in and of itself will not automatically achieve the performance improvement and business operational / process objectives typically predicted.  [...]

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Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) upheld—so what does it mean to me in IT? (… its BI)

In a momentous ruling touching virtually every American, the Supreme Court narrowly upheld President Barack Obama's historic health care overhaul (Affordable Care Act – ACA) on Thursday, June 28, 2012 with the unlikely help of conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. So how does this impact us in Healthcare IT today, those of us who are running from meeting to meeting, applying patches and working on our punch-lists of “to-dos”? Well,...

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