Evaluating the Cloud: What is – Cloud?

Lately everyone I talk to asks me whether they should they migrate their on-premise system (Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP) to the Cloud, invest in their on-premise ERP, or do nothing. Before I answer this question, let’s explore what organizations are defining as the Cloud. Read more

PeopleSoft 9.2 Hosted Solution – Does it make cents?

OK, bad pun; but what are the costs and benefits associated with a hosted PS 9.2 solution?  A great time to explore whether or not this makes sense for your organization is during your overall PS upgrade evaluation. By outsourcing the management and maintenance of their PeopleSoft systems, many clients can realize financial and operational advantages and gain advanced functionality that might not otherwise be affordable.

Costs & Benefits of a Hosted Solution Read more

Outpacing the Shift: What CEOs & CIOs should be thinking about now to prepare for cloud innovations to come

The software and services market is changing at a rapid pace. The question I get most often is ”what should CEOs & CIOs be thinking about now to prepare for and ideally outpace that shift?”

C level executives are going to be dealing with many of the same decisions and challenges they have faced for the last dozen years, but the context from which to make these decisions has changed. Their new vantage point will not only be located on campus but also above campus…in the cloud. And from above, everything looks different.

They will be dealing with:

  1. Risk – defined as operational capability and talent management
  2. Security – another risk-based topic, but much broader in scope when cloud or outsourced solutions enter the discussion,
  3. Budget – examining all angles of operational and capital cost models, and
  4. Governance – management and oversight of vendors, integrations, etc.

We’ll call the above a 4-legged stool, a very sturdy structure on which to build the future. Read more

Hosted ERP Solutions – The Cool Kid Once More

Traditional thinking would have you believe that a downturn in the economy would lead to an increase in interest for hosted and managed ERP solutions. While this may be true for some low hanging fruit and net new custom development that could take advantage of early cloud-based architectures, the expected systematic uptick did not develop. Read more