Survey Says: Payroll, HRMs, and Talent—Oh My!

survey_says-4It might be hard to believe, but at one point in time, watching a favorite classic movie once a year was a real treat. Growing up in a little Ohio town in Midwest USA, not only did we walk to school uphill both ways in a snowstorm, but we also had a distinct lack of streaming videos. In the dark days of broadcast TV, one of my favorite annual events was watching Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz.” And yes, I understand that today there is a great deal of meaning placed on that movie for what it did and did not do well in handling sensitive political and social issues of the time—nonetheless, it also made a big impression on me.
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Evaluating the Cloud: What is Driving User Adoption?

2014_coverIn the last blog, I said we would be looking at whether it’s better to upgrade your on-premise system or move to the Cloud/SaaS. I’m pushing that subject back a bit, in order to address some readers’ questions about one of the findings from our annual HR Systems Survey. (The most recent results are online for you to download. This is the complete report and it is free.)

Sierra-Cedar’s 17th Annual HR Systems Survey White Paper provides detailed HR technology data and presents unbiased results—as Joe Friday from Dragnet said, “Just the facts Ma’am.” Several readers asked about one of the Survey findings, “… are organizations moving to the Cloud for improved end user experience?”

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