PeopleSoft 9.2 Value? Its ROI.

More than one reader has asked, “Why upgrade to PS 9.2 now? Why not wait—or even skip it and just deploy a future release?” Inherent in these strategies is the assumption that the cost of the upgrade is greater than the benefits its deployment would produce. [...]

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Modify PeopleSoft 9.2? What to bring forward?

Now that PeopleSoft 9.2 is in GA - general release - you can review your current list of modifications and compare it to the list of new features/functions in your PeopleSoft applications. The exercise of deciding what to migrate to PS 9.2 is key to keeping your system both easy to use and cost effective.

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Evaluating PS Release 9.2: First Adopters or Wait?

PeopleSoft (PS) 9.2 is GA on Friday, 3/22, and the press releases show that everything will be available—that’s great news. CedarCrestone is working with a number of our clients on their PS 9.2 upgrade: project planning, identifying resources, securing budgets, and reviewing the value of the new functions in the pre-release notesI did a straw poll and asked for the pros and cons of upgrading ASAP versus pushing the upgrade off for a while.

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Best Practice Healthcare Series: The Link between Supply Chain Management & Revenue

While the implementation of integrated Supply Chain Management solution will provide state-of-the-art capabilities to support critical cost saving efforts, we have found that implementing the solution in and of itself will not automatically achieve the performance improvement and business operational / process objectives typically predicted.  [...]

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The Time to Review your Supply Change Management Solution is Now

"Never before has the business case for transformation in the healthcare supply chain been so persuasive...While the future is unclear, most agree that at least some things are certain. Healthcare costs must come down. Hospitals and other care providers will be reimbursed on value, not volume. And hospitals will need to survive on Medicare reimbursement levels." Driving Transformation in the Healthcare Supply Chain: Change Can Be Good for Your Bottom Line, GHX 2012

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