New HCM features in Image 28

HCM Image 28 has many new features, and while some may not apply to your organization, you’ll likely be pleased by the ones that help you improve processes, simplify, and perhaps, allow you to retire a customization that now is met by out-of-the-box functionality. This quarter’s Image brings 28 improvements [...]

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Managing PeopleSoft Security

Managing PeopleSoft security is an important component of managing your system. We find that system security is oftentimes an afterthought, especially during an implementation or an upgrade. This can result in security being perceived as an obstacle by users rather than a positive system module. [...]

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Security Matters

While many aspects of PeopleSoft security have not really changed much since I was first introduced to the product as a university student worker, there have actually been a lot of changes over the past 19 years, especially with Campus Solutions. From my early days as a student worker as [...]

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The Cloud Authentication Challenge

Everyone “knows” that one of the largest issues holding back wider adoption of the Cloud is security. How can information that is stored in the Cloud be truly secure? The reason the Cloud is so challenging is that many people, both technical and non-technical, don’t fully understand what technologies [...]

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Marketing Security through the KISS Principle

As we know from our own life experiences, at times we need to be sold the idea that we need or desire a product, hence the birth of marketing. For those of us that are security practitioners, we are constantly challenged with finding the right method to get our message [...]

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Yet Another “Good Password” Article

There are a myriad of articles on the web about picking good passwords; just go to Google and type in ‘how to choose a good password’ and you’ll get 127 million hits (seriously). Yet despite that, it amazes me that people still make poor choices when it comes to password [...]

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