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Thank you to our presenters:
Tim Gehrig, Executive Vice President at Sierra-Cedar
Patrick Frontiera, Senior Business Development Manager at AWS
Selim Burduroğlu, Senior GTM Specialist at AWS

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Client Success Stories

We are proud of how our cloud implementations have helped our clients achieve their strategic visions. You can check out a few stories below or click here for more!


Migrating PeopleSoft to the AWS Cloud

Migrating PeopleSoft to the AWS Cloud

Higher Education institutions are seeking more agile, cost-effective, and modern enterprise resource management (ERP) systems to transform their business processes. As such, many have turned to the AWS Cloud. At the recent 2021 Educause Annual Conference, we sat down...

AWS Cloud Migration Strategy: Two Models for Making the Transition

AWS Cloud Migration Strategy: Two Models for Making the Transition

Looking to move your ERP application to the cloud? To get started, it’s important to understand the two most leveraged migration path alternatives that organizations take. In this post, we’ll take a look at both paths, the pros and cons, and provide tips for making...

Government and the Cloud: 4 Approaches to Migration

Government and the Cloud: 4 Approaches to Migration

For years, maintaining a central, on-premise data center was the norm for organizations with sensitive, proprietary, or top-secret data. Since 2010, though, increasing numbers of government entities have migrated to the cloud, leveraging the platform’s increased...


Three-Part Public Sector Mini-Series

PeopleSoft on AWS: Unleash the Power of the Cloud for Public Sector

In this three-part series, Timothy Gehrig, EVP, Cloud and Managed Services, breaks down his original webinar into three short videos. These videos outline moving PeopleSoft to AWS with a focus on the challenges facing government entities.

Part 1: Why Governments are Moving to the Cloud

(12 minutes)

In this first webinar, we outline the reasons government agencies are moving to the cloud. Ransomware and cyber attacks are discussed along with other driving factors.

Part 2: Migration Paths and the Journey

(11 minutes)

The second webinar lays out the pros and cons of the migration path options along with operational impacts of moving to AWS. We then outline a typical project timeline and discuss what to expect going forward.

Part 3: The Results

(14 minutes)

The final webinar outlines the gains you may see in your move to the cloud. We address the benefits with regard to scaling, backup and recovery, cost controls, etc.

Full Webinar Series

PeopleSoft on AWS: Unleash the Power of the Cloud

In the first webinar, Timothy Gehrig helps you understand the differences between two dominant migration options—“lift and shift” or “rearchitect and replatform.” You’ll gain actionable knowledge as he compares and contrasts these migration paths and identifies how to realize the transformative benefits they can deliver to your PeopleSoft applications.

Running PeopleSoft on AWS, Using Infrastructure as Code

In the second webinar, Tim Rogers, Director, Cloud Technology Solutions, lays out infrastructure as code (IaC) concepts for AWS and why organizations should care about it as a valuable tool for cloud operations. You will gain actionable knowledge as Tim describes the various methods of deploying infrastructure in AWS and the intricacies of IaC. Learn how cost, speed, and risk are addressed by leveraging IaC and why infrastructure automation in AWS is unmatched compared to traditional data center capabilities. This information will be useful for anyone involved in moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud.