Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) Q&A

Our SFP specialists answer the eight most common questions about Oracle’s Student Financial Planning module. Below is a list of the questions with the associated minute mark in the video:

  • What led schools to think about a new financial aid solution? (1:46)
  • In what ways are you seeing schools finding Student Financial Planning useful? (4:07)
  • Why would I begin my innovation journey with Student Financial Planning? (7:40)
  • On your current projects, how do you see students being able to benefit from Student Financial Planning? (9:25)
  • How can your financial aid office prepare for Student Financial Planning? (11:11)
  • What integrations exist, and can you tell us about them? (12:53)
  • How does implementing Student Financial Planning impact my IT department? (17:23)
  • How is Student Financial Planning different? (21:21)

Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Workbench

Sierra-Cedar developed a tool called PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Workbench, which enhances the usability of PTF and allows for easier end-user testing. Our first video provides an overview of the PTF Workbench. The following three videos demonstrate the tool in action. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

San Luis Obispo Streamlines Procurement with Oracle ERP

Sierra-Cedar and the City of San Luis Obispo continue to work together on the city’s “Motion Project.”

Watch the video

Navigating the Future of Oracle PeopleSoft

In partnership with Oracle, we’ve developed a series of videos to provide you with a deeper understanding of Oracle PeopleSoft technologies, features, and enhancements. The six-part series features Oracle’s Marc Weintraub, Senior Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy, and Sierra-Cedar’s Richard George, Vice President of Strategic Services & Alliances. They discuss PeopleSoft key features and functionality, including Cloud Migration, Oracle Fluid UI, Selective Adoption, Simplified Analytics, and much more.