Lucas County Reaches New Heights with Oracle Cloud

In this timely webcast, Lucas County, Sierra-Cedar, and Oracle discuss how Oracle Cloud’s advanced functionality and agility allows the County to continue financial operations and enable well-informed, real-time executive decision making during the pandemic crisis. The conversation includes “best practices” of performing the HCM implementation activities at the County while practicing social distancing without missing a beat. Learn how the County is growing stronger and operating more effectively with Oracle Cloud through its response to the disruption.

Higher Education Forum: Open Conversation around Grading Basis Options

The Covid-19 virus has created a lot of challenges for Higher Education institutions, including grading and graduation, particularly with the inclusion of Pass/Fail and Credit/No-Credit grading options. In this webinar, we discuss how to implement these changes and understand the impacts on configurations, downstream business processes, potential scripting, and technical considerations.

  • Higher Education Forum: Open Conversation around Grading Basis Options

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    Open Conversation around Grading Basis Options

  • Open Office Hours: Student Records and Student Financials

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    Office Hours for Student Records and Student Financials

  • Open Office Hours: Academic Advisement, Financial Aid, Student Financials

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    Office Hours for Academic Advisement, Financial Aid, and Student Financials

PeopleSoft-as-a-Service Cloud Series

As an Oracle Platinum Partner with more than 20+ years of experience delivering 2,000+ PeopleSoft projects, and as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with deep experience in delivering cloud services, we can provide the information you need to plan, execute, and manage a successful PeopleSoft cloud migration to AWS. In this educational series, we will explain how to transform your PeopleSoft environment to improve scalability and enhance operations.

  • PeopleSoft on AWS: Unleash the Power of the Cloud

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  • Running PeopleSoft on AWS, Using Infrastructure as Code

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Chatbots, Digital Assistants and the Future

There are thousands of Chatbots in use today, and if you’ve called or texted a customer services group, then you’ve likely encountered one. Watch this webinar to understand where Chatbots are in use and their value to both the individual and the organization.

Mathematical Optimization and Automation of Inventory Replenishment Policies

To compete effectively today, a business needs to keep its inventory investment to a minimum and increase the velocity of its cash-to-cash (C2C) cycle, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience through improved service levels. To address this need, Sierra-Cedar has developed a methodology to analyze inventory data and provide updated replenishment order policies that are calibrated to the customer demand and constraints associated with each inventory business unit.

Machine Learning Demystified

Living in a world where the impact of analytics on decisions is taking off exponentially, the rise in demand for data scientists has never been higher. But data scientists are few, and the gap is growing. The Oracle Data Visualization tool closes this gap by leveraging Data Science through Adaptive Intelligence and bringing Machine Learning to the fingertips of the everyday user.

During this webinar, you will live a day in a life of a business user: Accessible Data Science with Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Data Visualization and mobile analytic capabilities, and Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management use cases.

Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook: Winning Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Continuous innovation, robust functionality, automation, mobile and engaging UX, and low-cost updates. Does PeopleSoft come to mind? Well, it should—PeopleSoft has quietly re-emerged as the “new” modern ERP platform. With this four-part webinar series, Sierra-Cedar’s PeopleSoft Playbook, PeopleSoft customers have the opportunity to learn about the untapped potential within their existing ERP systems as they contemplate alternative paths for the future.

We address today’s most pressing PeopleSoft questions—What is the “New PeopleSoft Value Proposition”? How do we win with PeopleSoft in the Cloud? How do optimal Integration approaches change in the new PeopleSoft world?—by providing insights for developing Winning Strategies for…

Introduction to AI Processes in the PeopleSoft Testing Framework

Software testing can be frustrating and time consuming, but running software updates without testing them in your own environment can have far-reaching implications on the business at large. Customers who use PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) to maintain their IT investment will be pleased to learn that Oracle provides (free) the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) tool to assist with testing tasks which includes robotic process automation (RPA).

Learn about the PeopleSoft Testing Framework and how to apply the RPA features in your test plans: how to create an IT roadmap for deploying the PeopleSoft Testing Framework; how to create test scripts that include variables for regression testing, and how to automate this; how to build a library of test scripts for reuse; and how to analyze the test results and take appropriate action.

Minimizing Time and Effort in PeopleSoft Updates Using PTF

Having a Selective Adoption process is vital for organizations to keep PeopleSoft current. PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is one tool organizations should consider to reduce testing time and test errors during the process. Sierra-Cedar presents two case studies that outline lessons learned when implementing and using PTF for large ERP deployments in Higher Education and Financials Services.

Planning a Successful IT Integration Roadmap after a Merger or Acquisition

Once the merger or acquisition deal is signed, the heavy work of successfully integrating IT systems begins. Without a plan, IT integration can be difficult, painful, and rejected by employees. Learn how we apply decades of experience to successful IT integrations for HCM and ERP environments. In this webinar, you will learn what to include in an integration, roadmap, how to avoid common IT integration pitfalls, and how to prepare your people and systems for change.

Key Findings from the Sierra-Cedar 2018–2019 HR Systems Survey, 21st Annual Edition

Join Survey authors Stacey Harris, VP of Research and Analytics, and Erin Spencer, Senior Research Analyst, as they answer these questions and discuss key findings from this year’s research: What are the benefits of having an HR Technology Systems Strategy? How does a Culture of Change Management affect business outcomes? How are Machine Learning and intelligent platforms changing the HR space?

With the release of the Sierra-Cedar 2018–2019 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 21st Annual Edition, we share over two decades of HR Systems research and community development. Published annually since 1997, this is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry, annually tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from HR technologies.

PeopleSoft Fluid UI Delivers a Modern User Experience

Many organizations are still committed to their robust PeopleSoft HCM application. However, the employees and managers may think of it like their grandparent’s Buick with hand-crank windows. Reliable, secure, roomy, and economical to operate, but missing the vroom-vroom of a nimble, sporty ride. Look under the hood of PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface to experience the flash and zing of a sporty new service delivery application with mobile, social, and personalized capabilities, while still retaining the horsepower needed to support mission-critical business processes.
This session focuses on business trends and strategies from the Sierra-Cedar 2017–2018 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 20th Annual Edition, which are supported by the PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM Fluid User Interface features of employee self service, manager self service, and dashboard.

Jump-Start Your Cloud Journey with Sierra-Cedar and Oracle Analytics Cloud

As a long-time Essbase, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), and Oracle Business Intelligence Application (OBIA) user or a new Essbase, OBIEE, and OBIA user, are you wondering how your cubes and BI reporting could work in the Cloud? This five-part webinar series will provide Essbase and BI users and administrators the tools necessary to plan and implement your Essbase calculations and reporting and Oracle BI analytics in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). Each session will focus on financial reporting cubes, allocation cubes, and related operational and management reporting cubes, including OBIEE and OBIA reporting, analytics and data visualizations.

Optimizing Your PeopleSoft Investment with Selective Adoption and PUM-as-a-Service

How do you go about deciding what new features to adopt and which customizations to retire? When is a good time to go about this? Will it be a huge project or could it all be arranged so it’s routine?

The overall objective of updating PeopleSoft is to gain the most from your system—keeping it simple, effective, and efficient. This means keeping your customizations at a minimum while adopting the new features and functions on a routine basis.

In this session, you will hear about Selective Adoption from both a technical and business perspective. You will also learn how Sierra-Cedar’s PUM-as-a-Service packages can help you reduce costs, simplify maintenance, and improve delivery to your organization.

How “Fit” is Your Human Capital Management?

This two-part webinar series will help you take the “fitness” of your HCM applications to the next level!